Hancock's 1st Veteran Corps

In 1864 an order was issued from the Adjutant's General Office, Washington, DC, for the organization of a new Army Corps to be designated as the 1st Army Veteran Corps, to be commanded by Major General Winfield Scott Hancock. The Corps was to consist of not less than 20,000 Veterans who had served 2 years in the military service of the United States and had been honorably discharged therefrom. The officers were to be commissioned from those who had honorably served not less than 2 years. A recruiting office was established at Jackson, Mi, the 3rd Congressional District, under the charge of Captain R.J. Barry.

As fast as the men enlisted they were furnished transportation to Washington, mustered into the service of the United States and credited to the sub-districts in which they or their families resided at the time of the enlistment.


Adams, Gooding Pontiac 22
Albright, Henry L. Jackson 27
Allen, John Jackson 22
Allen, Oscar F. Dover 24
Bachman, Theodore Washington, D.C. 37
Baird, James H. Hamtramck 23
Baker, Henry J. Jackson 22
Banks, William H. Detroit 26
Barden, Alonzo Kochville 28
Barker, John Marengo 24
Barnard, William W. Canton 25
Bartlett, Harold J. Pontiac 30
Bates, Noble G. -or- Greenfield 44
Bates, Noah
Beachard, Armond Kalamazoo 22
Beals, Lewis N. Springwells 21
Berdan, Dixon Detroit 29
Birdsell, Ransom -or- Niles 38
Birdsell, Ansom
Bissell, Edward M. Kalamazoo 26
Boutcher, William Flint 28
Brewer, Job Grand Rapids 23
Brimmingstool, Henry -or- White Pigeon 21
Brimmingstool, Horace
Brockway, William H. Washington 27
Brown, Adam Pontiac 21
Brown, David E., or D. Pontiac 20
Brown, Edwin Pontiac 41
Bullen, Alphonzo H., or B. Kalamazoo 39
Burch, Thomas J. Jackson 28
Butts, Maynard Pontiac 26
Canfield, Phillip A. Eaton Rapids 30
Carpenter, Joseph W. Pontiac 43
Case, Gideon S. Kalamazoo 19
Canton, George Detroit 20
Chandler, William M. or H. Jackson 23
Cole, Harmon P. Detroit 34
Conchie, William Detroit 34
Cook, Myron S. Kalamazoo 22
Cornwell, Leonard H. Detroit 26
Coulthardt, Henry T. -or Detroit 40
Crouthard, Henry T.
Croghan, George Detroit 21
Crosby, Edward G. Detroit 23
Cross, Franklin A. Detroit 23
Curtis, John A. Jackson 26
Curtis, Samuel D. Jackson 28
Dibble, Charles W. Jackson 30
East, George Jackson 22
East, William Jackson 26
Easton, Josiah Manchester 20
Faxon, Thomas J. Reading 24
Floscher, Mathias Washington, DC 32
Freeland, Henry C. Leslie 24
Fultz, Thomas E. -or- Jackson 32
Fulton, Thomas E.
Gardner, Benjamin C. Grand Rapids 23
Gillett, George W. Hudson 34
Godfrey, Hiram Jackson 27
Goodrich, John M. Erie 34
Goodspeed, Joseph M. Kalamazoo 34
Grimes, Martin J. Springwells 24
Haggarty, Hampton Niles 21
Haggarty, Ira Niles 26
Hahn, Christopher Buchanan 27
Hamilton, Andrew J. Brady 25
Hart, Richard Jackson 25
Hatten, Willis Reading 35
Haycock, Marshal S.B. Grand Rapids 23
Herrick, William S. Dearborn 36
Hess, Benjamin Buchanan 22
Hewitt, Thomas L. Jackson 43
Hipp, Walter Jackson 23
Holcomb, John Kalamazoo 22
Holmes, Myron Erir 27
Hopkins, Samuel Detroit 32
Host, Philip Detroit 33
Howe, Ransom P. Scipio 32
Hulse, George W. Buchanan 22
Hungerford, Mason Kalamazoo 22
Idema, Cemper F. Grand Rapids 19
Ireton, William Kalamazoo 19
Jameson, Andrew C. Kalamazoo 32
Jared, James M. Olney 27
Kapp, John Ann Arbor 36
Katthain, Benno Saginaw Co. 27
Kelley, Thomas Detroit 29
Kingsbury, David T. Grand Rapids 21
Laughlin, Patrick Detroit 22
Leeland, William L. Pontiac 21
Mabee, John R. Jackson 24
McCulloch, James Jackson 22
McDermott, John Niles 22
McNeil, Abram H. Grand Rapids 20
McPherson, Charles J. Detroit 22
Mackin, Hugh B. Kalamazoo 30
Madigan, William -or- Kalamazoo 27
Madigan, Thomas
Mealoy, Marquis D. Buchanan 25
Milner, William J. Jackson 22
Mitchell, John White Pigeon 23
Musgrove, Benjamin F. Jackson 23
Owen, John R. Jackson 32
Palmer, Gabriel G. Bertrand 24
Palmer, Jacob Jackson 44
Parker, Charles G. Jackson 21
Parmenter, Abram Niles 34
Patterson, Edward J. Pontiac 24
Peterson, George Pontiac 19
Peterson, Thomas Grosse Pointe 21
Phillips, Lyman D. Bertrand 20
Pool, George S. Grand Rapids 25
Regal, Ibraham White Pigeon 22
Rice, Melvin J. Leslie 25
Riggin, Royal T. Niles 26
Rodabaugh, Daniel Jackson 44
Roode, John K. Jackson 38
Rossitor, John O. Detroit 41
Royce, Daniel Saline 44
Schwarm, Frederick Detroit 26
Shannon, Myron Jackson 22
Shepherd, Thomas H. Pontiac 42
Sines, Isaac M. Detroit 30
Sloan, James W. Detroit 25
Snook, Peter Jackson 23
Spear, Melvin Rollin 23
Stanton, Alonzo Jackson 40
Stevens, John H. Detroit 30
Taylor, George Grand Rapids 20
Townsend, Henry M. Kalamazoo 33
Trumbull, William Medina 23
Vanwert, Thomas R. Jackson 22
Vivian, James Frenchtown 40
Wade, Francis Buchanan 19
Walker, Abner J. Springwells 24
Wallace, Harmon N. Grand Rapids 33
Ward, Daniel D. Pontiac 27
Wesley, John Jackson 26
White, John L. Grand Rapids 31
White, Robert Pontiac 36
Williams, Dewitt C. Detroit 32
Wines, Charles Jackson 26
Wipfler, Augustus -or- Detroit 28
Whipfler, Augustus
Wolcott, Sidney R. Buchanan 24

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