Miscellaneous Out of State Units


In the early days of the war, the numerous demands for the acceptance of companies can scarcely be conceived. Applications, urged and endorsed by all possible influence from citizens of both political parties, became oppressive to the Governor and his inability to comply with their requests was not only source of great disappointment to the applicants, but often brought censure upon the executive. As a result, many companies sought and obtained service in Regiments of the other states.

The number of men from Michigan who served in other state organizations and in the regular army and navy, so far as reported, is found to be quite considerable, when compared to the total aggregate of troops, being as follows:

Merrill Horse of Missouri was originally three companies of Michigan companies that left the state from Battle Creek. Two companies leaving on September 3,1861 the third on during December of 1862. This Missouri Regiment was by far the largest group of Michigan men serving under the banner of another state. The less known are:

23rd. Illinois      - 281 men        33rd.  Illinois   -   2 men  
42nd. Illinois      - 214 men        44th.  Illinois   - 192 men  
29th. Indiana       -   1 man       127th.  Indiana    -   1 man  
1st.  Iowa          -   1 man         7th.  Iowa       -   1 man  
9th.  Kansas        -   1 man         1st.  Missouri   -  14 men  
70th. New York      - 129 men        47th.  Ohio       -  32 men  
11th. Pennsylvania  -   1 man         4th.  Tennessee  -   2 men  
13th. Wisconsin     -   1 man        19th.  Wisconsin  -   1 man  
Powell's Infantry   -   4 men         U.S.  9th Corp*  -  12 men  
Mississippi Brigade -   1 man         U.S.  13th. Corp*-  17 men  
U.S. Navy           - 598 men         U.S.Infantry     - 884 men  
U.S. General Service -186 men        37th. Illinois    -  63 men  
20th. Indiana       -   1 man         9th. Iowa        -   1 man
1st. New york       -  98 men        10th.Pennsylvania -   1 man
12th. Tennessee     -   3 men        Mississippi Rifles-   4 men
Reserve Corp        - 386 men        Hancock's A.C.    - 153 men
U.S.Colored Troops  -  72 men        66th. Illinois    - 180 men

*Members of the military Corp band

Of these men serving in out of state military units,

                      Killed in Action............94
                      Died of Wounds..............91
                      Died of Disease............208 
                      Total Casualty Rate.......11.1%

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