Stanton Guards

In 1862 the Military Governor of Tennesee, Andrew Johnson, had three citizens of that state, Genaral Burrows, General Harding and Judge Jo Conn Guild arrested for treason. These men were confined at Mackinaw Island until September of 1862 at which time they were released.

To guard these prisoners, in April of 1862, Grover S. Wormer of Detroit was authorized to organize and equip a company of Infantry, which was mustered into the service of the United States on May 9, 1862. On September 9, 1862 after the release of the prisoners they were returned to Detroit and disbanded.


Captain Wormer, Grover S.
1st. Lieutenant Sutton, Elias F.
2nd Lieutenant Hartmeyer, Lewis


Aldrich, Ira Ann Arbor 40
Bartling, Henry Detroit 20
Beatty, James Detroit 19
Berktold, Joseph Detroit 20
Blade, James Detroit n/a
Blank, Gustavus A. Detroit 18
Bolio, Alfred Detroit n/a
Bowen, George N. Detroit 19
Brennan, George -or- Detroit 22
Brennan, John W.
Bridgers, George Ypsilanti 43
Burns, James Detroit 44
Champ, William Jr Detroit 18
Clark, Ebenezer F. Detroit 24
Cook, Converse G. Ann Arbor 19
Coville, George Detroit 18
Cresson, William H. Ann Arbor 22
Cronenworth, Jacob C. Detroit 19
Davis, Francis J. Detroit 20
Delling, Hamlin Southfield 18
Delling, William Southfield 26
Dorner, Henry Detroit 18
Doylr, John Grand Rapids 21
Dube, Gabriel Detroit 43
Ellis, Norman Bellville 40
Filben, Patrick Detroit 19
Flannigan, William -or- Springwells 31
Flannigan, Michael
Freeman, George D. Southfield 19
Garrison, James J. -or- Ann Arbor 34
Garrison, Samuel J.
Gerkins, Frederick A. Detroit 19
Ghala, Henry Detroit 18
Giles, George J. Detroit 23
Gill, Franklin Detroit 19
Godfrey, Thomas Detroit 35
Griswold, Edward Adrian 18
Grow, Frederick Detroit 24
Hall, Charles E. Detroit 21
Harrison, Frederick B. Detroit 18
Hartmeyer, Lewis Detroit 22
Hayes, John C. Detroit 25
Heidt, Lewis Detroit 30
Hilsendegen, John C. Detroit 18
Hofsmith, Henry Detroit 18
Horton, Samuel Detroit 37
Hosford, Ambrose S. Ann Arbor 19
Kellogg, Frank Ray Centre 18
Keyes, William L. Detroit 38
McGee, John Detroit 27
McNevin, Michael Detroit 19
Martin, James Detroit 29
Metzelfeld, Robert Detroit 18
Moorman, Henry C. Detroit 18
Mullane, John Detroit n/a
Mullenback, John S. Detroit 19
Myler, Thomas Redford 18
Neardorf, Peter Detroit 20
Nelson, William Detroit 27
Ortwine, William Detroit 19
Packard, Walter Detroit 19
Rennick, John Detroit 19
Ridley, William Detroit 21
Riley, James Detroit 31
Robson, James Detroit 18
St Armour, Francis Detroit 23
Schilling, George W. Detroit 43
Seigel, William Ann Arbor 20
Smith, Henry H. Redford 19
Smith, Hubbard Detroit 30
Smith, Myron W. Lexington 22
Soller, Christian Detroit 27
Sutton, Elias P. Detroit 20
Telfert, Robert Detroit 45
Tice, James Ann Arbor 22
Toles, William Detroit 20
Vincent, William H. Detroit 23
Waddell, William Detroit 25
Wallace, Alexander Ypsilanti 44
Wallace, David Detroit 21
Warner, Silas Rochester 30
Weale, John J. Oakland 23
Weiss, Casper Detroit 18
West, George W. Ann Arbor 19
Wick, William Lodi 20
Williams, Newton H. Detroit 20
Wilton, Henry Detroit 20
Witzel, Joseph Detroit 22

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