70th New York Infantry

Company C

Raised in Paw Paw, Michigan, Company C, 70th New York Infantry, left Paw Paw for New York City on June 13, 1861, from which they were sent to Statten Island and there mustered into the United States service on June 30, 1861. The Company remained on Statten Island until July 23, 1861, at which time they received orders to leave for Washington, DC, where they arrived July 24, 1861. The Regiment then went into camp on Meridian Heights.

On April 16, 1862 they took part in the siege of Yorktown and on the evacuation of the city by the Confederates they were ordered to Williamsburg where they arrived May 5, 1862 and immediately became engaged with Southern forces, suffering very severely, losing 8 men killed and 23 wounded and missing.

They participated in the engagement of Fair Oaks, again losing very heavily. They then remained in front of White House, doing picket duty and skirmishing until June 26, 1862, when they were again ordered to the front, taking part in the Peninsular Campaign and serving gallantly in several engagements. The Regiment was badly cut up at Bristo Station and Bull Run, then took part in Burnside's disastrous attack at Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862. They were then ordered to follow General Lee's Army as they started North through Maryland.

They arrived at Gettysburg in time to take part in the 3 day's battle fighting there, being assigned to the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division of the 3rd Army Corps, commanded by Major General Daniel E. Sickles.

They remained with this Corps until April of 1864, when, on consolidation of the 2nd and 3rd Corps, they became a part of the 2nd Brigade, 4th Division of the 2nd Army Corps taking part in the battles of Wapping Heights, Kelly's Ford, the Mine Run Campaign and Locust Grove.

On May 6, 1864 they entered on the Grant Campaign, being engaged at the Wilderness May 5, 6 and 7th, Spottsylvania, May 8 to the 21st, North Anna River May 22nd to the 26th, Tolopotomy May 27th to the 31st, Cold Harbor June 1st to the 12th, Siege of Petersburg until July 7, 1864, when they were mustered out of the United States service, the veterans and recruits being assigned to the 86th Regiment of New York Infantry.


Abrams, James E. Paw Paw 20
Alden, Justin V. Breedsville 25
Barber, John W. Paw Paw n/a
Barnum, Alfred Paw Paw 18
Barnum, John H. Decatur n/a
Beals, George W. Schoolcraft 21
Beals, Henry Schoolcraft 22
Beckett, William Paw Paw 24
Branch, Elam Lawrence n/a
Briggs, David Hamilton 24
Brown, Henry R. Wagoner n/a
Brown, Stephen F. Waverly 20
Bullard, William H. Paw Paw 19
Burnham, Horatio Lawton 22
Burson, Aaron Schoolcraft 22
Burson, James M. Schoolcraft 25
Butler, Cyrus H. Decatur n/a
Carney, Edward Paw Paw 25
Carroll, William H. Paw Paw 39
Case, Harvey S. Decatur 25
Chaffee, Thoms J. Waverly 21
Chamberlain, Henry Decatur 36
Chapman, Emery Schoolcraft 21
Chavilier, John F. Decatur n/a
Clark, James Almens n/a
Clark, Thomas Alemna 29
Constable, William Paw Paw n/a
Coon, Carlton Paw Paw n/a
Covey, Armand J. Waverly 21
Covey, Hiram F. Waverly n/a
Crandall, Henry Keeler 21
Craw, Joseph W. Hartford n/a
Crockett, Charles S. Decatur n/a
Crofoot, Edward J. Paw Paw 23
Cummings, Adelbert W. Paw Paw n/a
Decker, Draper Lawrence 28
Dedrick, Phillip C. Lawrence 23
Derimo, Nelson L. Grand Haven 25
Dutton, Leonard Decatur 37
Edmonds, Alvah Schoolcraft 20
Emerling, Anthony Paw Paw 32
Emery, John Paw Paw n/a
Fertig, Andrew N. Paw Paw 24
Fitzsimmons, Philip Paw Paw n/a
Foot, Morris J. Schoolcraft n/a
Garver, Samuel Lawton 20
Goodell, George B. Allegan 22
Gorham, Allen Almena 33
Harrison, Alexander M. Paw Paw 21
Hartman, Jeremiah Hamilton 20
Hayes, Richard Paw Paw 24
Hinckley, Gilman Antwerp 21
Hodges, Herrick Lawrence 22
Holt, Benjamin Paw Paw 30
House, Edward E. Paw Paw n/a
Hugo, William H. Paw Paw n/a
Hurlbert, Nathan Waverly 25
Johnson, Frank Schoolcraft 24
Karney, Edward Decatur n/a
Kilburn, William H. Paw Paw n/a
Knapp, Orrin C. Brady 22
Lamphere, Albert H. Paw Paw 24
Lewis, William Paw Paw 21
Lewis, William H. Hartford 24
Longwell, James M. Paw Paw 30
McDonald, William Decatur n/a
McGhan, Porter H. Decatur 21
McGill, Florence Paw Paw n/a
McKinstry, Robert Schoolcraft 22
McMann, James Schoolcraft 20
Maybee, Moses H. Schoolcraft 19
Melvin, Frederick Bloomingdale 25
Miner, Charles W. Paw Paw 18
Moon, Alvah F. Decatur n/a
Moore, Charles W. Paw Paw 22
Myers, Henry B. Decatur 27
Newcomb, Seth B. Almena 32
Nightingale, William H. Pine Grove 19
Parliman, Byron Paw Paw 21
Parrish, Heman S. Lawton 20
Patrick, Dexter D. Almena 19
Perry, Stephen W. Decatur 29
Price, William H. Paw Paw 19
Place, Williard Hamilton 24
Priest, Albert Decatur 21
Putnam, Ira W. Hamilton 25
Reese, Henry Porter 21
Remalia, Stephen Almena 34
Rickard, John Paw Paw 44
Robb, Elias Lawrence 21
Robinson, Lyman Paw Paw 21
Rogers, Don Carlos Decatur n/a
Roundy, Averill J. Lawrence 24
Rowe, Daniel W. Lawrence 19
Ryan, Michael Paw Paw 21
Saunders, Silas Paw Paw 34
Saxton, Hiram G. Paw Paw 27
Sherman, Walter L. Decatur 22
Sirine, Art Paw Paw 24
Sirine, John Paw Paw 21
Sprague, John Schoolcraft 21
Story, Parker C. Schoolcraft 21
Swift, Francis M. Decatur 25
Teale, Charles W. Paw Paw 34
Timmons, Lewis G. Keeler 24
Tucker, Augustus B. Breedsville 20
Van Fleet, William Lawrence 23
Van Ostran, Clare E. Hartford 25
Walrath, Byron Paw Paw 21
Whitehead, William Paw Paw 19
Williams, John W. Paw Paw 30
Winsor, Oscar F. Decatur 21
Worthington, Mark Schoolcraft 21

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