Berdan's Sharpshooters


Berdan's 1st Regiment United States Sharpshooter's

 Unassigned Men
Brown, William Clayton 23
Case, Robert Monroe 34
Demarest, Peter Hillsdale County n/a
Fisher, Andrew Three Oaks n/a
Fernia, William Oswego, NY 28
Field, Charles H. Amboy 27
Fisher, Charles Livingston 20
Elinn, James Deerfield 25
Gardner, George H. Kenockee 22
Gray, Jedediah Reading 18
Harvey, Mark C. Cohoctah 25
Jones, Edward North Branch 21
Lawson, John Warren 21
Lowery, John North Point 21
Leuvenberg, Harrison Dowagiac 30
Maywood, Benjamin F. Lapeer 24
Probert, Albert G. -or- Richfield 19
Probst, Albert G.
Quance, Albert Moscow n/a
Ryan, Michael Casco 24
Sheeley, George -or- Allison 22
Shotty, George
Sherbert, John -or- Kenockee 19
Shubert, John
Skinner, John Detroit 19
Sloan, Myron E. Milan 23
Smith, William Brockway n/a
Swagine, Leander -or- China 21
Swain, Leander
Tillinghast, William Lapeer 24
Walters, John Clayton 24
Walls, Alonzo B. Moscow n/a
Willard, Charles Rich 21
Wood, William Burlington 21
Zitt, Anthony Metamora 22

The undersigned certified that this list of unassigned men never reported to the 1st Regiment of Berdan's United States Sharpshooters for duty

Frank M. Frear--Private, Company K
James B. Baker
--Captain, Company C
Edwin B. Parks-- Corporal, Company K
Eli Cook-- First Sergeant, Company I

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