Perrin's Sharpshooters

The 1st Company of Sharpshooters of the 27th Michigan Infantry was also known as "Perrin's Sharpshooters" and they operated in direct connection with the 27th Michigan Infantry from their inception in 1864 until the end of the war. They were armed with the most destructive Infantry arm of the war, the "Spencer repeating rifle". They were so effective in actions with the 27th that the entire Regiment voted to all be armed with them and the whole Regiment be redesignated as "Sharpshooters". This vote was never recognized by the War Department.


Captain Perrin, Porter K. Hillsdale 30
1st. Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant


Albee, Howard J. Ovid 37
Allen, Aretus H. Ovid 28
Ashley, Isaac W. Ovid 24
Austin, James C. Ovid 38
Belden, Daniel W. Ovid 24
Bennett, Eber C. Ovid 23
Bigslow, Charles St. Johns 31
Brandt, Harmon Ovid 18
Bush, Joseph M. Ovid 21
Campbell, Albert W. Ovid 18
Campbell, Thomas Washington 21
Carpenter, Elkanah L. Ovid 44
Colby, James S.. Portland 37
Collingham, Jacob Sebewa 40
Copenhaver, Henry H. Ovid 18
Corey, Enos A. Ovid 40
David, Jasper Portland 27
Decker, James S. Portland 18
Denkin, William H. -or- Ovid 19
Derkin, William H.
Densmore, John E. Ovid 27
Derby, Henry B. Ovid 22
Derby, Rollin D. Sebewa 18
Dickinson, Matthew S. Ovid 26
Dickson, Charles S. Ovid 18
Dickson, George T. Sebewa 18
Doan, John Fulton 38
Dodge, Christopher S. Ovid 35
Duffy, Henry Ovid 30
Duross, Frank Portland 18
Ellis, William B. Ovid 44
Fishell, Albert A. Ovid 19
Ford, Charles Sebewa 25
Ford, Herman Ovid 20
Fraker, Ansel J. Ovid 24
Fraker, Charles B. Ovid 21
Freeman, George D. Ovid 22
Galligher, Daniel Ovid 34
Gates, Samuel K. Ovid 40
Glimpse, John Watrousville 37
Glover, Alden Portland 29
Goff, Erastus S. Courtland 25
Gowdy, George W. Washington 44
Hammond, Charles H. Ovid 18
Hathaway, James H. Ovid 20
Herrington, Alpheus Ovid 44
Hill, Wallace Ovid 21
Howland, Franklin B. -or- Portland 20
Howland, B. Franklin
Howland, Henry H. Portland 18
Hurlburt, Nehemiah L. Ovid 43
Ingalls, Charles W. Danby 44
Isbell, Leonard M. Ovid 24
Jameson, Isaac R. Ovid 28
Janes, Charles S. -or- Ovid 34
Jasnowski, Saturnin,
Johnson, Richard M. Ovid 18
Kaley, Henry Ovid 38
King, Ali Eagle 21
Kinney, John J. Ovid 35
Lanin, George A. Ovid 18
La Tourette, John D. Ovid 25
Lawrence, William J. Ovid 24
Le Clere, William S. Ovid 19
Leonard, Henry Ovid 18
Lewis, George W. Ovid 25
Lewis, Hiram Portland 42
Lindley, Leonard Sebewa 19
Lowrey, Emory W. St. Johns 40
Lyon, John C. Ovid 26
Lyon, Lorenzo M. Ovid 35
McDowell, George Ovid 38
McDowell, William Ovid 43
Marcy, Newkcomb G. Portland 18
Mason, Harvey D. Portland 36
Matthews, John A. Ovid 32
Megarah, John S. Portland 23
Miller, Campbell P. Detroit 18
Miller, George D. Ovid 19
Miller, Nelson Ovid 21
Mitchell, Wray Ovid 18
Mosley, Charles R. -or- Ovid 18
Mosby, Clark
Munn, William Danby 39
Munsil, Aaron Ovid 29
Murtaugh, Ambrose Ovid 18
Myer, John M. Ovid 18
Nelson, James A. Fulton 41
Parker, John W. Fairfield 33
Payne, Charles W. Howell 21
Payne, Dwight Ovid 31
Perkins, Homer Ovid 18
Perkins, Orlando S. St. Johns 23
Pettingill, Abram Watrousville 21
Pettengill, David Ovid 22
Ratcliff, William -or- Danby 29
Radcliffe, William
Richardson, Edwin -or- Ovid 27
Richardson, Edward
Rogers, Orlando A. Ovid 18
Rutty, Alfred Ovid 44
Rutty, Henry M. Ovid 24
Salsbury, Leslie Ovid 22
Sanborn, Edward Ovid 44
Sandborn, Norman T. Portland 22
Segmiller, George Ovid 27
Sellman, Ralph C. Ovid 25
Smith, Alanson Ovid 23
Smith, Freeman Ovid 21
Sparks, Cyrus L. Watrousville 19
Streeter, Jasper S. Ovid 20
Stuck, Charles Jr Ovid 21
Thomas, George Ovid 26
Thornber, John Portland 42
Tibbetts, Horace Ovid 44
Tinklepaugh, Erastus Ovid 44
Turner, Jerome K. Ovid 18
Tyler, Survetus Fulton 20
Way, Nathan C. Ovid 43
Whetstone, Horace B. Ovid 17
Whetstone, William H. Ovid 19
Whitney, Elisha Ovid 30
Whitney, George Ovid 35
Wilkes, Edward Ovid 24
Worden, James H. Ovid 30
Zwick, George T. Ovid 37

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