Vosper's Sharpshooters

The 2nd Company of Sharpshooters of the 27th Michigan Infantry was also known as "Vosper's Sharpshooters" and they operated in direct connection with the 27th Michigan Infantry from their inception in 1864 until the end of the war. They were armed with the most destructive Infantry arm of the war, the "Spencer repeating rifle". They were so effective in actions with the 27th that the entire Regiment voted to all be armed with them and the whole Regiment be redesignated as "Sharpshooters". This vote was never recognized by the War Department.


Captain Vosper, John Saranac 46
1st. Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant


Adams, George H. Moscow 41
Allen, William H. Ransom 18
Anderson, George F. Boston 24
Anderson, John P. Saranac 26
Beard, George Woodbridge 33
Benedict, Ledrue R. Orange 18
Bird, Henry M. Adams 18
Blackmer, Edward W. Moscow 18
Blackmer, John S. Adams 18
Bohner, Sinnary Hillsdale 19
Brant, William Ossco 44
Britton, John S. Raisin 18
Britton, Leroy A. Hillsdale 25
Brown, Francis M. Sebewa 32
Burnett, Hezekiah Pulaski 20
Casterline, George R. Hillsdale 18
Casterline, Jessie D. Ransom 18
Chase, Uriah O. Adams 35
Conklin, Jacob S. Allen 43
Cooper, Charles Otisco 21
Davis, James R. Otisco 22
Davis, Ozial Keene 36
Davis, Samuel Otisco 23
Davis, Virgil F. Sciota 18
Dolph, Joseph M. Scipio 29
Donnelly, Patrick Scipio 35
Dunks, Daniel D. -or- Hillsdale 29
Dunke, Daniel D.
Dunton, Oscar E. Grand Rapids 21
Eastman, Emor K. Wheatland 36
Filkins, William R. Moscow 18
Fish, George B. Otisco 23
Frantz, Albert Adams 18
Frisbie, Abraham Litchfield 37
Geister, Andrew Detroit 31
Graham, James Scipio 18
Granger, Edwin -or- Adams 18
Granger, Edward
Hines, William Grand Rapids 19
Hoolihan, Joseph Hillsdale 21
Hoolihan, William Hillsdale 18
Hughson, Eli R. Boston 18
Hyliard, Andrew J. -or- Woodbridge 20
Hillier, Andrew J.
Kidd, William L. Grand Rapids 18
Kingsley, Samuel Hillsdale 26
Knickerbocker, Ira J. Fayette 18
Lane, Andrew Grand Rapids 24
Lane, George Grand Rapids 23
Lane, John Grand Rapids 21
Lewis, John E. Hillsdale County 18
Lozier, Israel Ransom 44
McArthur, George W. Scipio 20
McCowen, William E. Scipio 21
McHughes, James Jr Moscow 22
McLaughlin, James Easton 18
Marshall, Scott Jefferson 37
Marvin, Joseph Moscow 31
Meade, Fayette C. Litchfield 29
Meirs, Marshall A. -or- Grand Rapids 29
Weirs, Marshal A.
Merrett, Edwin W. Grand Rapids 27
Metcalf, Vanchel A. Amboy 18
Miller, Alfred J. n/a n/a
Norton, Ira Allen 27
Noyes, Oscar Wheatland 21
Oakes, William Fayette 18
Palmer, George R. Hillsdale n/a
Paskett, Frederick Adams 18
Peck, Franklin G. -or- Litchfield 18
Peck, George F.
Phillips, Joseph R. Adams 43
Pierce, William Allen 23
Pike, Murray S. Grand Rapids 28
Porter, Timothy D. Allen 43
Pratt, William A. Saranac 19
Renshaw, Francis Grand Rapids 34
Reynold, David L. Allen 18
Riggs, William D. Scipio 18
Ryder, Benjamin Ionia 20
Shaw, George W. Orange 19
Shively, Daniel Ionia 23
Shively, Peter J. Ionia 21
Shrutt, George Litchfield 30
Smith, George F. Fayette 26
Smith, Lewis Ransom 44
Spencer, Samuel S. Hillsdale 18
Spencer, Thomas Saranac 18
Sprague, Jacob Amboy 18
Sprague, William Orange 43
Stephens, James W. -or- Hillsdale 42
Stevens, James W.
Todd, McCartney Hillsdale 37
Vandecar, William Grand Rapids 44
Vincent, Almond Hillsdale 21
Vosper, Richard Saranac 46
Walters, Alfred G. Pulaski 33
Ward, Benjamin S. Ransom 22
Warwick, Joseph Jr Litchfield 22
Wautcig, George -or- Hillsdale 18
Wansig, George
Wells, Samuel L. Grand Rapids 21
Whitney, Leonard Grand Rapids 21
Wiggins, Benjamin Easton n/a
Wilber, Henry Homer 32
Wilkins, William H. Allen 20
Williams, Isaac Grand Rapids 18
Wilson, William Allen 31
Winfield, Martin Fayette 17
Winfield, Nelson Fayette 19
Wolf, Frederick Amboy 18
Young, Darwin A. Woodbridge 18
Young, James P. Hillsdale 24

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