Pennsylvania Emergency Militia

(N.J. Units)


Early in the month of June, 1863, the Confederate Army, tinker General ROBERT E. LEE. invaded Pennsylvania and instituted a series of aggressive movements that created profound and universal alarm through the entire Northern States. The first appeal for military aid from Governor CURTIN, of Pennsylvania, to the Governors of adjoining States was made June 15th, and on the 17th the Governor of New Jersey called for volunteers to press forward 10 the assistance of Pennsylvania in this emergency, and appealed to the Nine Months Regiments, which had just returned, to unite in the efforts to repel the invasion of a sister State. In response to the latter appeal, the Twenty-third and Twenty-seventh Regiments volunteered for this service. In addition thereto, ten companies of Infantry and one battery of Light Artillery volunteered for the emergency Company A. of Trenton, Captain WILLIAM R. MURPHY: Company B, of Trenton, Captain George F. Marshall; Company C, of Trenton, Captain JAMES C. MANNING; Company D, of Lambertville, Captain HIRAM HUGHES; Company E. of Morristown, Captain GEORGE GAGE: Company F. of Newark, Captain WILLIAM I. ROBERTS; Company G, of .Mount Holly, Captain J. FRED LANCASTER; Company H, of Newark. Captain TIMOTHY COLVIN : Company I. of Trenton, Captain JOSEPH A. YARD; Independent Company, of Camden. Captain JAMES M. SCOVEL, ; Light Battery, of Rahway Captain JOHN R. CHAPIN. The first Company (A) left Trenton on the morning of June 18th, and arrived at Harrisburg same day ; the other Companies followed soon after. Upon arrival they reported for duty to Major-General COUCH, Department Commander, and were organized into two Battalions. Captain WILLIAM R. MURPHY, Company A, was assigned to the command of one Battalion, and Captain J. FRED LAUMASTER, Company G, was assigned to the command of the other Battalion. At the end of the thirty days service they were returned to Trenton for discharge. Governor CURTIN on the 24th of June, expressed the thanks of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to New Jersey "for the patriotic disposition they so truly manifest, and their willingness to take up arms for our defence."

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