15th New York Cavalry

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Organized at Syracuse, N.Y., and mustered in as follows: Companies "A," "B," "C" August 8; "D," "F," "G," August 26; "E" August 15; "H" September 5; "K" October 15; "I" November 30, 1863; "L" January 20, and "M" January 24, 1864. Left State for Washington, D.C. Companies "A" to "G" September, 1863. "H" and "K" October, 1863. "I" November, 1863, and "L" and "M" January, 1864. Attached to 22nd Army Corps, Dept. of Washington, D.C., to January, 1864. Cavalry Brigade, 1st Division, Army of West Virginia, to April, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Army of West Virginia, to August, 1864. Remount Camp Cumberland, Md., to October, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Shenandoah, and Army of the Potomac to June, 1865.

May 29, 1863, Col. Robert M. Richardson received authority to reorganize the I2th N. Y. Volunteer Infantry, discharged by reason of expiration of its term of service, as a regiment of cavalry. The regiment was organized at Syracuse for a service of three years, and the companies were mustered in the service of the United States at Syracuse, A, B and C August 8; D, F and G August 26; E August 15; H September 5; K October 15; at the Cavalry Depot, D. C., Company I November 30, 1863; and at Elmira, Companies L and M January 20, and 24, 1864, respectively.

The companies were recruited principally : A at Syracuse and Oneida ; B at Syracuse and Oswego ; C at Syracuse, Canandaigua, Geneva, Palmyra and Potter ; D at Syracuse; E and F at Syracuse, Batavia, Lockport and Rochester; G at Syracuse, Ithaca and Caro line; H at Syracuse, Lysander, Ithaca and Otisco; I at Syracuse, Oswego, Lansing and Ithaca; K at Syracuse, Ithaca, Utica and Lansing; L at Elmira, Bloomingburgh, Goshen,
Cuba, Chester, Port Jervis, Westfield, Dunkirk, Deerpark and Jamestown ; and M at Elmira, Westmoreland, Newburgh, Ellenburgh, Whitestown, Oriskany, Vernon, Kingston and Utica.

Companies A, B, C and E left the State September 2, 1863; D, F and G later in September ; H and K in October ; I in November, 1863 ; and L and M in January, 1864 ; and the regiment served at Camp Stoneman, and in 22(1 Corps, Department of Washington, Va., from September, 1863; in the 2d Brigade, ist Division, Cavalry of West Virginia, from January, 1864; at Cumberland, Md., Remount Camp, from August 25 to October, 1864, and while there was assigned to the 2d Brigade, 3d Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac; in the Army of the Shenandoah from October, 1864; with the Army of the Potomac from March, 1865.

June 17, 1865, the regiment, commanded by Col. John J. Coppinger, was consolidated with the 6th N. Y. Volunteer Cavalry, the consolidated force receiving the designation, 2d Provisional Regiment, N. Y. Volunteer Cavalry, the I5th Regiment being consolidated into four companies, which became Companies F, G, H and K of the new organization.  During its service, the regiment lost by death, killed in action, 3 officers, 18 enlisted men; of wounds received in action, 19 enlisted men; of disease and other causes, 4 officers, 126 enlisted men; total, 7 officers, 163 enlisted men; aggregate, 170; of whom 44 enlisted men died in the hands of the enemy.

SERVICE.--Duty at Camp Stoneman, Defenses of Washington, until January, 1864. Action at Hillsboro, Va., January 22. Operations in Hampshire and Hardy Counties, West Virginia, January 27-February 7. Upperville February 20. Expedition to Petersburg and destruction of Salt Works near Franklin, West Va., February 29-March 5. Sigel's Expedition from Martinsburg to New Market April 30-May 16. Moorefield May 12. Luray Gap, Mt. Jackson, and near New Market May 13. New Market May 14-15. Front Royal May 22. Newtown May 25. Hunter's Raid to Lynchburg, Va., May 26-July 1. Woodstock May 27. Newtown May 29-30. Mt. Jackson June 4. Piedmont June 5, Occupation of Staunton June 6. Waynesboro June 10. Lexington June 11. New London June 16. Diamond Hills June 17. Lynchburg June 17-18. Liberty June 19-20. Catawba Mountains and Salem June 21. Newtown June 28. Bunker Hill July 2. Bolivar Heights July 2. Leetown and Martinsburg July 3. Near Hillsboro July 15-16. Snicker's Ferry July 17-18. Ashby's Gap and Berry's Ford July 19. Near Kernstown July 23. Kernstown, Winchester, July 24. Bunker Hill and Martinsburg July 25. Strasburg August 11. Near Charlestown August 21-22. Ordered to Cumberland, Md., August 24, and duty at Remount Camp until October. Green Springs Run November 1 (Detachment). Expedition to Lacy Springs December 19-21. Lacy Springs December 21. Near Harrisonburg December 31. Sheridan's Raid from Winchester February 27-March 25, 1865. Waynesboro March 2. Occupation of Staunton March 2. Charlottesville March 3. Ashland March 15. Appomattox Campaign March 28-April 9. Dinwiddie Court House March 30-31. Five Forks April 1. Fall of Petersburg April 2. Namozine Church April 3. Jettersville April 4. Sailor's Creek April 6. Appomattox Station April 8. Appomattox Court House April 9. Surrender of Lee and his army. Expedition to Danville April 23-29. March to Washington, D.C., May. Grand Review May 23. Consolidated with 6th New York Cavalry June 17, 1865, to form 2nd Regiment Provisional Cavalry.

Regiment lost during service 2 Officers and 35 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 5 Officers and 126 Enlisted men by disease. Total 168.

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