83rd New York Infantry
"9th New York State Militia "
"City Guard"

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Doubleday Avenue, Oak Ridge


83rd N.Y. Infty
Ninth Regiment


July 2 & 3 1863
at Zeigler's Grove
also supported batteries with 11th 12th and 2d Corps

Bronze Plaque:

Harpers Ferry, Va.
Cedar Mountain, Va.
Rappahannock, Va.
2nd Bull Run, Va.
Chantilly, Va.
South Mountain, Md.
Antietam, Md.
Fredericksburg, Va.


Engaged on this ground July 1st 1863. 1 P. M. to 3 P. M. assisting in capture of Iverson's N. C. Brig. C. S. A.

Bronze Plaque:

Fitzhugh's Crossing, Va.
Chancellorsville, Va.
Gettysburg, Pa.
Mine Run, Va.
Wilderness, Va.
Laurel Hill, Va.
Spottsylvania, Va.
North Anna River, Va.
Cold Harbor, Va.


Volunteered Apr. 19, and mustered into U. S. service, June 8, 1861
Officers and enlisted men 2270
Killed, died of wounds or disease, 261
Wounded, 423
Promoted, discharged &c. 1764
Mustered out June 23, 1864, 253


Jacob H. Beers---D Thomas J.Bloodgood---A Richard J. Byrnes---A
William H. Cooke--E Livingston Felton--E William Fritsche--L
William F. Clark--D Stephen A. Gardener--G Louis Kline--E
Thomas Layton--E Constant Milden--A William H. Miller--C
Theophilus W. Molleson--D Joseph T. Newling--D Julius Perro--E
Joseph M. Potter Peter Scheid--E John Sherrer (Scherrer)--B
John S. Simmons--F Charles F. Spaulding--F John W. Springer--D & L
Charles Storm (Sturm)--B John Van Camp--C Cyrus C. Murray--G
Sebastian Oberer--B George Senning--B Augustus B. Crane--K

Volunteered for three years' service. Left New York City for Washington, D.C., May 27, 1861. Mustered in at Washington June 8. 1861. Attached to Stone's Command, June 10 to July 7, 1861. Stone's Brigade, Patterson's Army, to August 17, 1861. Stile's Brigade, Banks' Division, Army of the Potomac, to March, 1862. Abercrombie's 2nd Brigade, Williams' 1st Division, Banks' 5th Corps, to April, 1862. 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Dept. of the Shenandoah, to May, 1862. 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, Dept. of the Rappahannock, to June, 1862. 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 3rd Corps, Pope's Army of Virginia, to September, 1862. 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, to May, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Army Corps, to March, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Army Corps, to May 9, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 5th Army Corps, to May 30, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Army Corps, to June 7, 1864.

SERVICE.--Rockville Expedition June 10-July 7, 1861. Duty on the Upper Potomac until March, 1862. Harper's Ferry, W. Va., July 4, 1861. Operations in the Shenandoah Valley March and April, 1862. Occupation of Winchester March 12. Pursuit of and operations against Jackson March 24-April 27. Near Warrenton Junction April 6 and 16. Reconnaissance to Rappahannock River and North Fork April 18. Rappahannock Crossing April 18. Pope's Campaign in Northern Virginia June to September. Battle of Cedar Mountain August 9. Fords of the Rappahannock August 20-23. Thoroughfare Gap August 28. Battles of Groveton August 29; Bull Run August 30; Chantilly September 1. Maryland Campaign September 6-22. Battles of South Mountain, Md., September 14. Antietam September 16-17. At Sharpsburg until October 30. Movement to Falmouth, Va., October 30-November 19. Battle of Fredericksburg, Va., December 12-15. At Falmouth until April 27, 1863. "Mud March" January 20-24. Chancellorsville Campaign April 27-May 6. Operations about Fitzhugh's Crossing April 29-May 3. Battle of Chancellorsville May 3-5. Gettysburg (Pa.) Campaign June 11-July 24. Battle of Gettysburg July 1-3. Pursuit of Lee to Manassas Gap, Va., July 5-24. Duty on line of the Rappahannock and Rapidan until October, Bristoe Campaign October 9-22. Advance to line of the Rappahannock November 7-8. Mine Run Campaign November 26-December 2. Duty on the Orange & Alexandria Railroad until April, 1864. Demonstration on the Rapidan February 6-7. Campaign from the Rapidan May 3-June 7. Battles of the Wilderness May 5-7; Laurel Hill May 8; Spottsylvania May 8-12; Spottsylvania Court House May 12-21. Assault on the Salient May 12. North Anna River May 23-26. Jericho Ford May 25. On line of the Pamunkey May 26-28. Totopotomoy May 28-31. Cold Harbor June 1-7. Bethesda Church June 1-3. Relieved June 7 and ordered to the rear for muster out. Veterans and Recruits transferred to 97th New York Infantry June 7, 1864. Regiment mustered out at New York City June 23, 1864, expiration of term.

Regiment lost during service 9 Officers and 147 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 86 Enlisted men by disease. Total 244.

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