1st Pennsylvania Provisional Cavalry

Organized at Cloud's Mills, Va., June 17, 1865, by consolidation of 2nd and 20th Pennsylvania Cavalry. Duty at Cloud's Mills until July. Mustered out July 13, 1865.

This regiment was organized by the consolidation of the Second and Twentieth regiments of Pennsylvania Cavalry, June 17, 1865. It was mustered out of service July 13, 18652, in accordance with orders from the War Department.

Wm. W. Sanders

Lieutenant Colonel

Robert B. Douglass


P. Benner Wilson
Samuel Comfort
Robert M. Brinton


Samuel Montgomery
Alfred M. Halberstadt
Samuel E. Gross
William H. Sheller
Benjamin J. Sweney
Charles S. W. Jones
John A. Martin
George W. Schwartz
William C. Fraw
Samuel S. Ely
John W. Mechlan
Aaron K. Seib

First Lieutenants

Benjamin F. Stauber
William Marks
Joshua Smith
Benjamin Jones, R. Q. M.
Joseph W. Gibson, R. C. S.
Jacob Hovaugh
John Branagan
David R. Maxwell
Henry W. Schultz
Francis M. Hafer
Horatio L. Snyder
Thomas A. Davis, Adj't.
Evan E. Bartieson
Charles F. Miller
William I. Spanegle

Second Lieutenants

Alvin W. Day
James M. Thomas
James H. Morrow
George G. Fraim
William W. Wall
Charles W. Foulk
James Machlan
Andrew Jackson
Payne A. Gould
Frank Buckman
Charles F. Wright
Washington Watkinson


Edward Donnelly

Assistant Surgeons

Samuel R. Nissley
William Grumbine, a. w. m.
(approved and waiting muster into service)

*Note: The roster of officers is given as it stood on the day of muster out.

Thomas J. Roberts--Co. K Hugh B. Murray--Co. G David D. Lewis--Co. B
George D. Saphore--Co. H Henry Hardy--Co. K Erastus Chappel (Chappell)--Co. L
Abraham Gohn--Co. M Alexander Burket--Co. H Abraham W. Kerst--Co. M
George C. Young--Co. K Henry Collins--Co. A Abraham Hoover--Co. D
George H. Kendig--Co. D John B. Otto--Co. K Thomas G. Hill (Hills)--Co. H
John Hunter--Co. H Joseph Leibrock (Librock)--Co. G Samuel P. Town--Co. L
Daniel S. Yohn--Co. I Ephraim Bartholomew--Co. F William J. Ehret--Co. F
Henry W. Rodrian--Co. G David J. Warner--Co. A Charles Hannaka--Co. H
William L. Starr--Co. M    

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