195th Regiment Infantry
(1 Year)



Field & Staff---Unassigned

195th Regiment Infantry
(100 Days)



Field & Staff

Organized at Camp Curtin for 100 days July 24, 1864. Moved to Baltimore, Md., July 24, thence to Monocacy Junction July 28. Attached to 3rd Separate Brigade, 8th Corps, Middle Department, to August, 1864. 1st Separate Brigade, 8th Corps, to October, 1864. Reserve Division. Dept. of West Virginia, to November, 1864.

SERVICE.--Guard bridge and railroad at Monocacy Junction, Md., until October. Guard duty in Berkeley County, W. Va., along B. & O. Railroad until November. Mustered out November 4, 1864. Regiment reorganized for one year February, 1865. (A Detachment of first Regiment was on duty guarding Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, with Headquarters at North Mountain Station, October, 1864, to March 16, 1865.) Ordered to Charlestown, W. Va., March 31, 1865. Attached to 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, West Virginia, to July, 1865. Dept. of Washington, D.C., 22nd Corps, to January, 1865.

SERVICE.--Guard fords of the Shenandoah, Headquarters at Kablestown, W. Va., April 1-4, 1865. At Stevenson's Station until April 22. At Berryville until June 6. Expedition to Staunton June 6-26. Duty at Harrisonburg July. Ordered to Washington, D.C., and duty there until January, 1866. Mustered out January 31, 1866.

Regiment lost during service 10 by disease.

This regiment was principally recruited in Lancaster County, in July, 1864, to serve for a period of one hundred days. It was organized at Camp Curtin, on the 24th of July, with the following field officers: Joseph W. Fisher, Colonel; William L. Bear, Lieutenant Colonel; Oliver C. James, Major. On the day of its organization it proceeded to Baltimore, and after a halt of three days, moved on to Monocacy Junction, where, for a period of two months, it was engaged in guarding the bridge spanning the creek, and the lines of railway, and was thoroughly drilled and instructed-many of the officers and men having had no previous military training.

On the 1st of October it proceeded to Berkley County, West Virginia, and was posted along the line of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, with headquarters at North Mountain Station, where it remained until the expiration of its term. In the meantime, three hundred of the men re-enlisted to serve for one year, and were, at the end of the original term, consolidated in three companies, remaining on duty under command of Captain Henry D. Markley, as a battalion of the One Hundred and Ninety-fifth. The balance of the regiment was mustered out at Harrisburg, on the 4th of November.

In February 1865, Colonel Fisher was authorized to recruit seven new companies, and re-organize the regiment for a term of one year. The re-organization was effected at Martinsburg, on the 16th of March. Henry D. Markley was made Major, in place of Major James —the only change in the field officers. Soon afterwards, three additional companies were attached to it, temporarily, and it was ordered to Charlestown, where it formed part of the command of General T. W. Egan. On the 1st of April, the regiment was sent out under command of Lieutenant Colonel Bear, to guard the fords of the Shenandoah River, with headquarters at Kabletown, returning to camp on the 4th, and moving on the following day to Stevenson's Station. On the 22d, it was ordered to duty at Berryville, the order declaring that this regiment had been selected for the delicate duty of preserving quiet in the midst of a hostile people, on account of its excellent reputation for good discipline, and proceeded thither, under command of Lieutenant Colonel Bear, Colonel Fisher being at this time in command of a brigade.

On the 6th of June, the regiment, in conjunction with the One Hundred and Ninety-second, moved up the valley as far as Harrisonburg, three companies, under command of Major Markley, proceeding with the rest of the brigade as far as Staunton. While on the way, the three companies which had composed the veteran battalion, were, in pursuance of orders of the War Department, mustered out of service. On the 26th, the balance of the regiment assembled at Harrisonburg, and proceeded thence to Washington, arriving on the 1st of August. It was here employed in guarding government property, in which duty it continued until the 31st of January, 1866, when it was mustered out of service.

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 Source for history & rosters: History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers 1861-1865; prepared in Compliance With Acts of the Legislature, by Samuel P. Bates, A Member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Volume V, Harrisburg: B. Singerly, State Printer. 1871.