Independent Company Sharpshooters

Organized June, 1861. Assigned to 2nd United States Sharpshooters as Company "C".

Roster of Company C

2nd Lt. Ira I. Northup
Sgt. Franklin Rumbarger
Corporal Isaac Lyle
John McMurray
Pvt. G. W. Boals
J. B. Bronson
E. H. Chilson
R. M. Chilson
John Callon
John Carey
George W. Dunkle
J. S. Geer
S. J. Howard
W. E. Jacox
L. C. Jacox
M. E. Kroh
Samuel Lattimore
James Law
Samuel Lewis
Thomas Long
W. D. Lytle
William McCullough
I. G. Miller
J. Prindle
John W. Pearsall
L. W. Scott
B. W. Scott
W. C. Thompson
James Watts
William Wilhelm
S. F. Williams

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