This Memorandum of an Agreement, made at Philadelphia, this 12th day of May, 1910, by and between The Smith Granite Company, a corporation, of Westerly, Rhode Island, party of the first part, and S. W. Hill, 25 Preston Ave., Bellevue, Pa., Charles H. Wurman, 1510 Diamond St., Philadelphia, Pa., F. F. Rohm, 2033 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa., a commission called The Culpeper, Va., Monument Commission of State of Pennsylvania, created under the provisions of Act of Assembly of Pennsylvania, No.551, approved May 13th, 1909, party of the second part.

Witnessed : The party of the first part hereby agrees to furnish deliver, and erect, in accordance with plans, specifications, and drawings submitted by the party of the first part, and accepted by the party of the second part, in the U. S. National Cemetery, Culpepper, Va., on location provided by party of the second part, a granite monument, sample submitted, and ornamented with bronze panels, as per formula required, all complete upon foundation provided by party of the first part, by September 1st, 1910.

And in Consideration of the faithful performance of the foregoing, the said party of the second part hereby agrees to pay to the party of the first part, the sum of Seven Thousand Dollars ($7,000) within fifteen days after completion of this contract.


                    W. S. Martin, Secy.

   F. F.

The Culpeper Virginia Monument Commission
of the State of Pennsylvania.


Specifications for the Material and Workmanship required in the erection and completion of a Granite Monument in the U. S. National Cemetery, Culpeper, Va., on site to be designated later. The whole to be erected in strict accordance with blue print elevation drawn to 3/4 inch scale and water color perspective herewith submitted, and all work to be done in such manner that it will not in any way conflict with the rules and regulations of the National Cemetery.

The elevation, water color, and these specifications are intended to be co-operative, and anything shown on elevations or water color and not mentioned or described in these specifications is to be performed. Figures on elevations govern where shown and where not shown all details shall be worked out according to scale.

The elevation, water color, and specifications are intended to and do call for a first class piece of work in every particular and shall be so interpreted throughout.

When the full size working drawings are made, they shall be worked out in strict accordance with the scale drawings.

Excavation and Foundation.

All excavation for foundation shall be made in accordance with the rules and ordinances of the U. S. National Cemetery, and shall be to a depth of five (5) feet, or as required by the Superintendent of the Cemetery.

The foundation shall be built of 1-3-5 concrete, or of suitable size building stone and good cement mortar, one part Portland cement and three parts good, clean, sharp sand, each stone to be laid solid and each course to be grouted with thin cement. If of concrete, to be thoroughly mixed and well rammed down, proportions of cement, sand and stone as per the regulations of the National Cemetery, of Culpeper, Va. The foundation shall be 13 feet square on top, and shall taper from 15 feet square at bottom and be brought to a proper level to receive the bottom base of the monument.

Granite Work.

The monument is to consist of seventeen (17) pieces, constructed in courses or sections as clearly shown by elevations and perspective drawings, of Pink Veined Westerly Granite, as per sample submitted with this proposal; the bottom base to consist of four (4) pieces, all exposed surfaces to be fine hammered.  The inside lines of the sloping wash on the top will be brought to a proper size to receive the first course of the main shaft.

The shaft of this monument will be finished in what is known as rock faced work ; all beds and joints shall be full and out of wind and have good bearings on four sides.

The shaft shall taper in good proportion to the top, where it will be surmounted by a five foot Pink Westerly Granite polished ball.

All the granite work shall be set in Stainless Portland Cement or its equal, and shall be well clamped together with- bronze clamps.

The ball will be held in place by granite tenon set into the stone upon which it rests, and securely fastened by the use of stainless cement.

The first course above the bottom base will bear on its face a bronze coat of arms of the State of Pennsylvania. On the four faces of the structure, in positions shown by elevation and water color, will be fastened bronze panels in shape of the keystone to receive such lettering in raised letters, as will be required by the commission. All the tablets to be neatly countersunk on the stone and then secured by proper expansion screw bolts. The composition of these panels will be the U. S. standard of 90% copper, 5% tin, and 5% zinc.


Should any disagreement or difference of opinion arise as to the meaning of any of the terms of this agreement or the carrying out of the specifications in the erection of this monument, it is hereby mutually agreed that the matter at issue shall be referred to a Board of Arbitration, constituted by each party hereto choosing a disinterested party, these two arbitrators to select a third party in case they cannot agree.

The judgment of a majority of such Board of Arbitration to be rendered without delay and be binding on both parties.

In General.

The work when completed at the quarries shall be carefully boxed to prevent breakage in shipping and handling, and the monument is to be erected in charge of a competent setter.

After the work has been set, it shall be properly jointed up with a bead jointer, thoroughly washed down, and left in perfect condition. All rubbish shall be removed from the site and taken to a proper place of deposit and the lot left in good condition and sodded in places where necessary to leave it in as good shape as found.

This monument can be completed in National Cemetery at Culpeper by September 1st, 1910.

The structure when completed will be thirteen (13) feet square on the ground and stand twenty-eight (28) feet six (6) inches high over all, and will cost complete, in accordance with specifications, plans and requirements of Commission Seven Thousand Dollars ($7,000.00).

Corrections made on page two before signing.


W. S. Martin, Secy.




The Culpeper Virginia, Monument Commission,

of State of Pennsylvania.



THE monument erected in the National Cemetery at Culpeper, Va., by the State of Pennsylvania in memory of the soldiers who lie buried there in known and unknown graves, is composed of seventeen pieces of Westerly Granite, the total height is twenty-eight feet, six inches, its weight is 321,200 pounds.

It is built in pyramidal form, thirteen feet square at the base, diminishing to four feet at the top of the shaft, surmounted by a polished ball on the apex five feet in diameter, this in turn rests upon a cradle with a solid eight inch tenon set in concrete. The base has cut faces bushed up with hammer, the various courses of stone between the top of the base to the top of the cradle is rock faced with marginal drafts up the corners. Great care was exercised in having a uniform projection of the rock face referred to.

The shaft is built of pink veined Westerly Granite, the polished ball is of the same granite. On each of the four sides there is a bronze keystone in the form of a raised panel 6-4 by 6-9 over all, the aggregate weight of the four being 3,200 pounds.

Above the base on the South face of the shaft there is also a bronze panel, customary with Pennsylvania monuments, containing the Coat of Arms of Pennsylvania. The South side panel contains the dedication to the memory of the Pennsylvania soldiers who are buried there,


the North panel the inscription of the Act of Assembly under which the Commission which was in charge of the erection of the monument was created.

The West side panel contains the names, companies and regiments and grave number of the soldiers who are interred in the cemetery,  (Note: Click here for a list of the soldiers. I didn't get a good picture of the tablet)

the East side panel has the engagements and skirmishes in and around the vicinity within ten miles of Culpeper, between the Rappahannock and the Rapidan.

The foundation of solid concrete, 13 feet square, 5 feet deep, as approved by the Quarter Master General, U. S. A., was put in place October, 1911; by Mr. J. Gordon Thomas, of Culpeper, Va. As the monument was not erected until early Spring of 1912, the concrete foundation was thoroughly set before any weight was placed on it.

The monument is of imposing appearance and attracts general attention not only on account of its massiveness, but on account of its beautiful proportions. The bronze tablets referred to are splendid specimens of the bronze founder's art, and were very much admired by all present at the dedication. The beautiful contrasts of color of the bronze tablets on the pink background of the Westerly Granite and the tint of the polished Granite ball in the lovely evergreen foliage of the Cemetery cannot be adequately described.

The material was furnished and erected by the Smith Granite Company, Westerly, Rhode Island, under the contract awarded by the Commission.

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Reference: Report Of The Culpeper Virginia Monument Commission of Pennsylvania