Westport Union order of battle
(For information about the Union officers, follow the link to the Army of the Border.  This will give you the background on them.)

Army of the Border
MG Samuel R. Curtis

11th Kansas Cavalry, Company G (with 2-gun battery): Lt Edward Gill

Provisional Cavalry Division
MG James G. Blunt

1st Brigade
Col Charles R. Jennison
Foster's Missouri Cavalry Battalion: Cpt George S. Grover
15th Kansas Cavalry: Ltc George H. Hoyt
3rd Wisconsin Cavalry (detachment): Cpt Robert Carpenter
Battery (5 guns) [manned by 15th Kansas Cavalry]: 2Lt Henry L. Barker

2nd Brigade
Col Thomas Moonlight
5th Kansas Cavalry, Companies L and M: Cpt James H. Young
11th Kansas Cavalry: Ltc Preston B. Plumb
16th Kansas Cavalry, Companies A and D: Ltc Samuel Walker
Battery (4 guns) [manned by Company E, 11th Kansas Cavalry]

3rd Brigade
Col Charles W. Blair
4th Kansas Militia: Col W. D. McCain
5th Kansas Militia: Col G. A. Colton
6th Kansas Militia: Col James D. Snoddy (arrested Oct. 16); Col James Montgomery
10th Kansas Militia: Col William Pennock
19th Kansas Militia: Col A. C. Hogan
24th Kansas Militia Battalion: Ltc George Eaves
14th Kansas Cavalry, Company E: Lt William B. Clark
2nd Kansas State Artillery (2 guns): Lt Daniel C. Knowles
9th Wisconsin Battery (6 guns): Cpt James H. Dodge

4th Brigade
Col James Hobart Ford
2nd Colorado Cavalry: Maj Jesse L. Pritchard
16th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry (detachment): Maj James Ketner
McLain's Independent Colorado Battery (6 guns): Cpt William D. McLain

Kansas State Militia Division
MG George W. Deitzler, Kansas State Adjutant General

Brigade field commanders
BG Melvin S. Grant
BG William H. M. Fishback

(not brigaded)

1st Kansas Militia: Col Charles H. Robinson
2nd Kansas Militia: Col George W. Veale
2nd Kansas Colored Militia: Cpt James L. Rafferty, Cpt Richard J. Hinton
7th Kansas Militia: Col Peter McFarland
9th Kansas Militia: Col Frank M. Tracy
12th Kansas Militia: Col L. S. Treat
13th Kansas Militia: Col Alexander S. Johnson
14th Kansas Militia: Col William Gordon
18th Kansas Militia: Col Matthew Quigg
20th Kansas Militia: Col J. B. Hubbell
21st Kansas Militia: Col Sandy Lowe
22nd Kansas Militia: Col William Weer

Independent Colored Battery (6 guns): Cpt H. Ford Douglas
Zesch's Battery, Kansas Militia Light Artillery (2 guns): Cpt Gustavus Zesch
Topeka Battery of 2nd Kansas Militia (1 gun): Cpt Ross Burnes
Unattached unit

Kansas City Home Guards: Col Kersey Coates

Department of the Missouri
MG William S. Rosecrans

Provisional Cavalry Division
MG Alfred Pleasonton

1st Brigade
BG Egbert B. Brown (arrested Oct. 23)
Col John F. Philips

1st Iowa Cavalry (detachment): Maj John McDermott
1st Missouri Militia Cavalry: Col James McFerran (arrested Oct. 23), Ltc Bazel Lazear
4th Missouri Militia Cavalry: Maj George W. Kelly
7th Missouri Militia Cavalry: Col John F. Philips, Ltc Thomas Theodore Crittenden

2nd Brigade
BG John McNeil

17th Illinois Cavalry: Col John Lourie Beveridge
7th Kansas Cavalry: Maj Francis Malone
2nd Missouri Cavalry (detachment): Cpt George M. Houston
13th Missouri Cavalry: Col Edwin C. Catherwood
3rd Missouri Militia Cavalry (detachment): Ltc Henry M. Matthews
5th Missouri Militia Cavalry: Ltc Joseph Eppstein
9th Missouri Militia Cavalry (detachment): Ltc Daniel M. Draper

3rd Brigade
BG John B. Sanborn

2nd Arkansas Cavalry: Col John E. Phelps
6th Enrolled Missouri Militia Cavalry (detachment): Ltc John F. McMahan
7th Enrolled Missouri Militia Cavalry (detachment): Maj W. B. Mitchell
6th Missouri Militia Cavalry (detachment): Maj William Plumb
8th Missouri Militia Cavalry: Col Joseph J. Gravely

4th Brigade
Col Edward F. Winslow (w Oct. 23)
Ltc Frederick W. Benteen

7th Indiana Cavalry (detachment): Maj Samuel E. W. Simonson
3rd Iowa Cavalry: Maj Benjamin S. Jones
4th Iowa Cavalry: Maj Abial R. Pierce
4th Missouri Cavalry (detachment): Cpt George D. Knispel
10th Missouri Cavalry: Ltc Frederic W. Benteen, Maj William H. Lusk

Col Nelson Cole
Company H, 2nd Missouri Light Artillery (4 guns): Cpt William C. F. Montgomery [2 guns commanded by Lt Philip Smiley]
Company L, 2nd Missouri Light Artillery (4 guns): Cpt Charles H. Thurber
Battery (2 guns) of 5th Missouri Militia Cavalry: Lt Adam Hillerich

2nd New Jersey Cavalry (detachment): Cpt Michael Gallagher
19th Pennsylvania Cavalry (1 company)

XVI Corps
(detachment of First and Third Divisions)
MG Andrew Jackson Smith

First Division
Col Joseph J. Woods

2nd Brigade
Col Lucius Frederick Hubbard

47th Illinois
12th Iowa
5th Minnesota
7th Minnesota
9th Minnesota
10th Minnesota
8th Wisconsin
Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery

3rd Brigade
Col Sylvester G. Hill

35th Iowa
33rd Missouri

Third Division
Col David Moore

1st Brigade
Col T. J. Kinney
58th Illinois
119th Illinois
89th Indiana

2nd Brigade
Col James Isham Gilbert

14th Iowa
27th Iowa
32nd Iowa
24th Missouri

3rd Brigade
Col Edward H. Wolfe

49th Illinois
117th Illinois
52nd Indiana
178th New York
3rd Indiana Battery
9th Indiana Battery

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