The following list is for soldiers for which their unit is unknown.  There will be some that has a GAR marker but there is no information that is found for them and more information is needed.  Some soldiers only have names on their headstone but cannot find their units.  Being there are a LOT of names, you might want to do a "search".  (Edit: Find and then type in the LAST name) 

David Lundy--Co. E, USCT--Unk. Regiment. Buried in the Mansfield-Woodhouse Cemetery, Washington, Warren County, N. J.


Buried in Ft. Harrison National Cemetery Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia

Frederick Brown C. Shaddock Mellville G. Nye
J. Wilson Green Waters M. A. (Last name unk)
John Maden Jerry Moise Dawry
Lewis Payne John Stow Henry Myers
John Lynch John Tyler Nathaniel Smith
William Williams William Stratton  
Samuel Owens    

Buried in the Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, Va.

Adam Gardner Arthur Harrold Charles Ford
Ezekiel Murray Francis B. Davis Henry Brown
Henry Clark J. C. Bowman James McNulty
John Francis P. C. Allston Richard Clark
Robert Briscoe William Bray William Coleman
William H. Dorsey William Lyons Benjamin Green
Beverly Carter Calvin Went George W. Rhodes
Henry Butt Henry Steward Isaiah Adams
James A. Jackson Joseph Foreman Lewis Carter
Simon Norvell William Bonner William H. Dorsey
A. Bezzer A. Boston A. Dutton
Alfred Boyd Allen Brown Ambrose Cook
Andrew M. Burke Benjamin Donley C. Cummings
David Berry Davis Cartwright E. Dickinson
Edward Bohl Elias Breden Elijah Carrey
Elijah Chenic Elijah Davis H. Chenaworth
Henry Bon Henry Conlet Henry Cooper
J. Brown J. Caps J. Carpenter
J. Cloy J. Copell J. Dudley   
J. F. Brown J. H. Bonton J. H. Brown
J. H. Clark J. Q. Adams J. W. Davis
James Addison James Allen James Bryant
James Clark John Alston John Campbell
Joseph Daugherty M. Anderson N. Bonner
N. Contee Nelson Cheatham Richard Cook
S. Cheaton S. Coffee Samuel Allen
Samuel Berling Samuel Bryant T. A. Buffet
Samuel Barton Thomas H. Coats W. Butler
W. Connick W. E. Brown William Armistead
William Brown William Butler William Coleman
Wilson Booker A. MacLeese Andrew Hassell
C. Hesard Carry Jordon Charles Gordon
Charles Johnson Daniel Garnett Daniel Holly
George A. Hays Henry Frazier Henry Jackson
Henry Johnson Horace Greeley J. H. Ford
J. Hally Jacob Lasseter John Frayo
John Hiss Johnson Henson Manuel Hill
P. Hamilton Paul Foster Richard Gaunt
S. Groins T. Emory William Griffin 
William Hawh William Hoard Edm Walter
Elijah Walker Richard Whitte T. Wilson
William Wilkinson A. Benson A. Clark
Abraham Dott Alexander Dennis Andrew Butler
Armstead Asque Bistow Clarey C. Bruce
D. Ayres D. Dorsey David Arthur
E. Brown Edmund Connor Emanuel Blackwell
Frank Birdwell G. Clark G. Duncan
George Cowan H. Clark H. Datton
Henry Clark I. Brown I. Collins
Isaac Burgess Isaac Dean J. Alexandria
J. Arnold J. Barnes J. Bradley
J. Conness J. Dudley J. W. Calloway
James A. Bailey James Burgess James Dean
John Banks John Cooper John Cushionberry
John T. Becker Joseph Bell L. Collins
L. Dudley Lewis Creete Montague Boney
N. Carter O. Downs Ovidia Brown
P. Butler P. Dorsey Peter Adams
R. Bess   R. Browmen Richard Cherry
S. Brooks S. Chandler S. Council
Sandy Beard Seldona Childs Spencer Bawser
Stephen Coleman T. Brown Thomas L. Cassey
U. Brice W. Cepins William Anderson
William Beason William Brook William Butler
William Dean William Dowing William Dysen
Alexander Frazier Charles Jackson D. Garnet
F. Hardy G. Johnson G. W. Fentres
H. Ennis George W. Gray J. Groce
J. Harding J. Holmes J. Leomun
James Ford James Harris John Hughes
K. Goodman S. Hagins S. Lowman
S. Manly W. Kashew W. King
William E. Mason William Ewing A. McHenry
A. Truss Allen Sheas D. Vallow
Dennis Turner Edward Roberts George Parker
Isaac Warren J. Megery J. Rigby
J. Robinson J. Skinner John Smith
M. Quill N. Ratliff R. Piles
R. Thomas R. Thompkins S. Matchum      
W. Moore Willis Scotfield A. J. Williams
A. Williams B. Williams E. White
J. Wilson J. Young L. Wincing
O. Whatley W. H. Wheeler William A. Young
A. Brooks B. Ashly Edward Bush
Edward Clark Ephraim Ashley George Butler
Glasco Care J. Bowman J. Brinnell
J. Clayton J. U. Bunker James Carter
John Butler Joseph Allen Joseph Davis
N. Brenton N. Connsilor Nelson Blant
Noah Cherry Perry Cook Peter Carlisle
R. Armstrong Robert Armstrong Robert Coleman
S. Borga Thomas Christian Wallace Conier
William Anderson A. Gibbs C. Jackson
Dennis Johnson Elliott Hamilton H. Haelton
J. Hicks Johnson Doctor M. Fleming
N. J. Fisherman P. Genike S. Gills
Valen Dozier W. H. Ford W. Jackson
A. Morris C. Mayo Dred Powers      
E. Larue I. Miller James Madison
L. Perkins Lambert Lawit Oliver H. P. Quoco
T. Langley W. Norman William Miggett
Andrew Ross Collins Wilhet D. Strayner
G. Smith G. Thomason George Taylor
George Welch H. Woodford J. Thomas
J. Willey L. Thornton Leonard Widgeon
N. Van Cass P. Salter T. Slaughter
C. Pierson Edmund Sample Frederick Smith
George Neuley George Reid George Stiff
J. Monoca J. Saaber J. Tazzel
John Simmons John Stockley John Thompson
Miles McClellan Richard Sevvant Robert Nelson
T. Roberts T. Smith William Smith
Albert Bryant Andrew J. Cherry Charles Anderson
Charles Chase Henson Cross James Bell
James Cooper James H. Carter Lewis Fortie
Peter Bell    

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