20th Battalion Light Artillery




20th Artillery Battalion was organized at Columbus, Georgia, in November, 1863, with men from Waddell's Battery who had been captured at Vicksburg and exchanged. The unit contained three companies and generally served in the reserve artillery of the Army of Tennessee. After the Atlanta Campaign it was transferred to the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana, and in November was at Macon, Georgia. Later the battalion fought at Girard where most of the men and guns were captured. It was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel James F. Waddell.
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Waddell's Battery was organized in February, 1862, by taking six men from each company of the 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Assigned to Tracy's Brigade, it was sent to Tennessee, then saw action in the Kentucky Campaign. Later the company was transferred to the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana and reported 19 casualties at Champion's Hill and 39 during the siege of Vicksburg. Here it was captured on July 4, 1863. After the exchange its members were assigned to the 20th Alabama Artillery Battalion. Captain James F. Waddell commanded the unit.

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