Barbour Light Artillery

James C. Logan

Barbour Light Artillery was organized at Eufaula, Alabama, in April 1862. Part of Hilliard's Alabama Legion, it was soon detached and served the rest of the war as an independent company. After participating in the Kentucky Campaign, the unit was assigned to S. C. Williams' and G. S. Storrs' Battalion of Artillery, Army of Tennessee. It fought in various battles of the army from Chickamauga to Atlanta, and then saw action in Hood's winter operations in Tennessee. The company reported 2 killed and 1 wounded at Chickamauga, had 102 present in December 1863 and 96 in April 1864. During January 1865, it moved to North Carolina but surrendered at Augusta, Georgia in April. Captain Reuben F. Kolb was in command.

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