Fowler's-Phelan's Battery


This battery was as organized in January 1862, at Tuscaloosa. It was composed chiefly of men who had served a year in Virginia as a company in the Fifth Alabama Infantry, having volunteered with R. E. Rodes as captain. The company was the first organization that re-enlisted "for the war." The battery was on duty at Mobile for about a year. Having joined the main army, at Tullahoma, the battery was part of Walthall's brigade at Chicamauga, and there lost 10 killed, and 18 wounded, and 16 horses. At Mission Ridge the battery had several wounded. Placed in Cheatham's division, the battery lost 6 killed and 9 wounded. On the retreat from Dalton, the guns were served almost daily, and suffered considerably. Moving with Gen. Hood into Tennessee, the battery was engaged at Franklin and Nashville, losing 8 killed and wounded at the latter battle. The battery was stationed at Mobile till the close of the war, and surrendered with 130 men.

Captains--Wm. H. Fowler of Tuskaloosa; transferred. John Phelan of Montgomery, wounded at Resaca.

Lieutenants-- John Phelan; promoted. Robert O. Perrin of Greene; resigned. N. Venable of Tuskaloosa. Wm. Dailey of Tuscaloosa; killed at Resaca. A. P. Hinton of Perry. Samuel W. Reeves of Tuscaloosa.

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