Gage's Battery

This battery was organized at Mobile, October 1861, and remained there until the spring of 1862. Sent to Tennessee, the unit fought at Shiloh under General Chalmers and suffered many casualties. It was then stationed at Mobile until April 12, 1865. At that time the city was evacuated and in May the small company surrendered with the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. Captains Charles P. Gage, James Hill, and J. T. Hutchisson were in command.

Lieutenants--James Hill; promoted. Daniel Geary; till re-organized. George Johnson; till re-organized. Francis Titcomb; till re-organized. James H. Hutchisson; promoted. Richard H. Wilkins; resigned. Thomas H. Shaw. Cleveland King; resigned. John T. Ellison. John S. Treat. F. H. Stanard.

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