Gid Nelson Light Artillery

John N. Walthall

Gid. Nelson Light Artillery was organized during the spring of 1862 at Uniontown, Alabama. Its members were recruited in Marengo, Perry, Dallas, and Shelby counties. Assigned to Slaughter's and Cantey's command it was stationed at Mobile for nearly two years. The company moved to Jackson, Mississippi, in January, 1864, and later to Georgia where it joined the Army of Tennessee. It served in W. C. Preston's and D. Truehart's Battalion of Artillery and took an active part in the battles at Kennesaw Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, and Jonesboro. Then it participated in Hood's Tennessee operations and was back at Mobile in March, 1865. The unit finally surrendered at Meridian. Captains Joseph Selden and C. W. Lovelace were its commanders.

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