Jeff Davis Artillery


This battery was organized in May 1861, at Selma, and was composed of men from Dallas, Perry, Butler, Lowndes, and Morengo. Furnished with eight guns, it went to Virginia a month later. At Manassas it was attached to Early's brigade for some months. The battery was engaged at Seven Pines, and at the first Cold Harbor lost 18 men and 28 horses killed and wounded. As part of Carter's artillery battalion, the battery fought at Boonsboro, and suffered severely at Sharpsburg. It manned the crest at Fredericksburg, and fought with Jackson's corps at Chancellorsville with light loss. The battalion was also engaged in frequent skirmishes soon afterwards, and the music of its voice was heard at the Wilderness. But at Spottsylvania the battery was charged, and lost three guns and half the command captured. They were not exchanged, and the other part of the command served with a battery in Carter's artillery regiment till the peace.

Captains -- J. T. Montgomery of Dallas; resigned. J. W. Bondurant of Marengo; promoted gradually to the rank of colonel of artillery. Wm. J. Reese of Montgomery, wounded at Bealton; captured at Spottsylvania.

Lieutenants-- A. R. Sheppard of Perry; resigned. C. W. Lovelace of Dallas; resigned. Wm. Fitts; resigned. Wm. J. Reese; resigned. Robert Walker of Dallas; resigned. J. W. Bondurant; promoted. Robert Yeldell of Butler; resigned. H. P. Thomas of Bibb; resigned. D. E. Bates of Marengo; captured at Spottsylvania. John Mitchell of Dallas.

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