Ketchum's-Garrity's Battery

This battery of light artillery was organized at Mobile in May 1861, and the officers and men were from that county. It went to Pensacola, and remained there till May 1861. It lost 7 killed and wounded, and several horses at Shiloh. Attached to Ruggles' brigade, it was engaged at Farmington without loss. Moving into Kentucky as part of Chalmers' brigade, its loss was light at Mumfordville. At Perryville and Wildcat-Gap the battery fought, with a few casualties at the latter place. At Murfreesboro its loss was 27 men killed and wounded, and 30 horses. The battery was more fortunate at Chicamauga, but lost several men and two guns at Mission Ridge. The battery was in Sherman's way day and night as he moved on Atlanta, and suffered very considerably. It fought at Franklin and Nashville, with small loss, and endured the siege of Spanish Fort with only two men killed. The battery surrendered at Meridian.

Captains -- Wm. H. Ketchum; resigned. Wm. H. Homer; resigned. James Garrity; wounded at Murfreesboro and Marietta.

Lieutenants -- Wm. H. Homer; promoted. David Bush; resigned. John A. Yuille; resigned. John Slaughter; resigned. James Garrity; promoted. David Bond; killed at Jonesboro. Maynard Hassell; killed near Atlanta. Henry Ferrell. Jonathan Pressler. John W. Jackson.  Francis Frank Titcomb

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