Kolb's Battery


In April 1862, the " Barbour Light Artillery " was organized at Eufaula with about 325 officers and men, and with W. N. Reeves as captain, and R. F. Kolb, F. D. McLennan, Robert Cherry, and Pat Powers as lieutenants. Proceeding to Montgomery, the company was divided into two, and with two other companies, organized as the artillery battalion of Hilliard's legion, with W. N. Reeves as major. Having reached Chattanooga, only one of the companies was equipped as artillery—the others continuing with the legion as infantry. This company, under Capt. R. F Kolb, was in the Kentucky campaign, and in east Tennessee for some time. It then shared the fortunes of the Army of Tennessee, fighting at Chicamauga, on the Dalton-Atlanta campaign, and in Hood's Tennessee movement. Ordered to North Carolina, the battery got as far as Augusta when the surrender occurred. Of the men of the company, about 45 died of disease in the service, and about 70 were killed or wounded.

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