Lumsden's Battery


This company was recruited at Tuskaloosa, and reported for duty at Mobile, November 1861,125 strong. Stationed at Fort Gaines till, after Shiloh, the battery relieved Gage's at Tupelo, and were given six guns. The battery skirmished at Farmington, and in the Kentucky campaign fought at Perryville with small loss. At Chicamauga there were several casualties, and the battery lost a gun. Its pieces moved down the road from Dalton to Atlanta, and 5 killed and 2.5 wounded was the number of its casualties. The battery's loss was small around Atlanta; but, having marched with the army into Tennessee, it was overwhelmed at Nashville, losing its guns, six men killed, and 22 captured. Placed in Spanish Fort, the garrison was under fire for two weeks, with some loss. Moving up to Marion Station, (Miss.), the battery was surrendered with the department.

Captains -- C. L. Lumsden.

Lieutenants -- George Vaughan; made surgeon. H. H. Cribbs; resigned. G. H. Hargrove; wounded at Nashville. Ed. Tarrant; resigned. A. C. Hargrove; wounded at Spanish Fort. John A. Caldwell; wounded at Spanish Fort.

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