William B. Lawson
Thomas Maynard

William Raleigh Quinney
James Sibley Petty
Marcus Daniel Steed

The men of this command were chiefly from Marengo, Perry, Dallas, and Shelby, and it was organized at Uniontown in the spring of 1862. After a short time passed at Columbus, Miss., the battery went to Mobile, and remained there nearly two years. Having joined the main army, the battery was engaged at Resaca, Cassville, Kennesa, New Hope, Peachtree, losing lightly in each, and was complimented on the field at the latter place by Gen. Reynolds. At Jonesboro the battery lost four killed, and several wounded. It was engaged in the further operations of that army, and at Nashville lost several killed and had its guns captured. The remainder surrendered at Meridian.

Captains -- Joseph Selden of Perry. Charles W. Lovelace of Dallas; captured at Nashville.

Lieutenants -- R. H. Jones; resigned. ... Murfree; resigned. C. W. Lovelace; promoted. E. C. England of Marengo; relieved. L. W. Duggar of Marengo. C. C. Smoot of Shelby. W. M. Selden of Perry.

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