Semple's Battery

This command was organized at Montgomery, in March 1862, and the officers and men were nearly all from Montgomery County. Ordered to Mobile, it soon after joined the Arms of Tennessee. It marched into Kentucky, and was engaged at Perryville with light loss. Two sections fought in the last day's battle at Murfreesboro, losing a third of the men, two guns, and nearly every horse. At Dug Gap the loss was inconsiderable, but serious at Chicamauga. The battery was engaged at Mission Ridge without loss, and one section suffered severely at Ringgold Gap. The loss of men and horses at Resaca was considerable, and the battery was fully occupied with the work of death on the retreat to Atlanta. In the battle of July 22, and at Jonesboro, the loss was quite severe. The guns of the battery were the first that opened at Franklin, but its loss there and at Nashville was comparatively light. Ordered to North Carolina, the battery reached Augusta, and there surrendered.

Captains --
Henry C. Semple; promoted.
R. W. Goldthwaite.
Lieutenants --
Elmore F. Fitzpatrick; detached.
John B. Scott; resigned.
R. W. Goldthwaite; promoted.
E. Gl. McClellan; killed at Resaca.
Charles Dowd ; wounded at Resaca.
Joseph Pollard; killed at Murfreesboro.
Derrill M. Hart
Henry Armstrong.
Adams, William W. - Private/Private - Wounded severely and left on field at Murfreesboro, Jan. 2/63. Ball in leg. Died.
Alexander, W. H. - Private/Private
Alford, J. A. - Private/Private
Anderson, M. P. - Private/Private - Discharged special order from Gen. Johnson, unfit for field service.
Armistead, Churchhill - Private/Private
Armistead, Robert - Private/Private - Captured at Decatur, AL, Oct. 29/64 - Enlisted in the 6TH U.S. Volunteers, U.S. Army April 6/65.
Armstrong, F. H. - Private/Corporal - Promotion to Corporal Oct. 30/63. Detailed Orderly Sgt. Jan. 1/64 by order T. J. Hotchkiss.
Avery, A. K. - Private/Private - Died March 7/XX in hospital
Bailey, John - Private/Private - Deserted Feb. 29/64.
Ball, W. W. - Corporal/Sergeant
Balling (Bolling), Payton. W. - Private/Sergeant - Promotion to Sergeant, May 7/64.
Bancroft, Thomas J. - Private/Private
Beaver, W. G. - Private/Private - Transferred from Company G, 45th Mississippi Infantry.
Bell, William P.- Private/Private
Benson, William B. - Private/Private
Berney, Saffold - Corporal/Corporal
Bethea, Henry - Private/Private
Bethea, T. - Private/Private
Bethea, A. J. - Private/Private - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate, Dec 15/62.
Bethea, W. J. - Private/Private
Blackwell, Joseph - Private/Private
Blackwell, Samuel - Private/Private - Wounded at Resaca, May 14/64.
Blount (Blunt), William - Private/1st Sergeant - Wounded slightly at Murfreesboro, Jan 2/63 by shell. Died at Montgomery, AL February 10/64.
Bolling, P. W. - Private/Sergeant
Bowers, R. J. - Private/Private
Brock, R. R. - Private/Private - Transferred from Company E, 1st Alabama Calvary, July 11/63.
Brock, William. - Private/Private - Transferred from Elmore's Company, 1st Alabama Calvary, July 11/63.
Brosius, R. J. - Artificer & Harness Maker/Artificer - Died in hospital at Knoxville, TN November 10/62.
Browder, R. J. - Private/Private
Brown, George W. - Sergeant/Private - Transferred to Cambell's Company, 1st Alabama Calvary, September 1/62 for Schaff.
Brown, J. T. - Private/Private - Transferred from Company G, 45th Mississippi, October 9/63.
Brown, W. D. - Private/Private
Bullard, W. R. - Private/Private - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate, June 22/63.
Bullock, Thomas R. - Private/Private
Bullock, Zak - Private/Private
Burgess, W. P. - Private/Private - Transferred from Company D, 32 Mississippi, October 9/63.
Burns, Gary -Private/Private
Carl, - Corporal/Private
Chambliss, Fred - Private/Private - Discharged May 4/63 for Rheumatism Chronic.
Chambliss, Jesse - Private/Private
Chambliss, Robert G. - Private/Private - Wounded slightly in arm by musket shot at Murfreesboro, Dec 31/62.
Chapman, Thomas - Private/Private
Charles, William T. - Private/Private
Clements (Clemens), Thomas J. - Private/Private - Mortally wounded in abdomen by miniball and left on field at Murfreesboro, Jan 2/63
Clisby, John H. - Private/Private - Discharged June 7/62 by Surgeon Certificate.
Cobb (Cobbs), Leighton H. - Private/Private
Cooley, J. T. - Private/Private - Deserted at Tunnel Hill
Cooper, Ed A. - Private/Private
Cotner (Cottoner), William - Private/Private - Transferred November 1/63 from Company C, 32nd Mississippi.
Crosby (Crosley), George - Private/Private
Cureton, D. T. - Private/Private
Curtin (Cushen), Elisha - Private/Private - Transferred from Captain Blakey's Company, 1st Alabama Calvary September 1/62 in exchange for B. R. Jones.
Curtis, Thomas W. - Private/Private - Transferred from Company B, 16th Alabama, October 9/63. Deserted May 15/64 near Resaca. Captured May 16/64 near Resaca. Died Dec 25/64 at Camp Douglas, IL as a prisoner of war by Typhoid fever.
Davis, Stephan - Private/Private
Densmore (Dinsmore), James - Private/Private - Wounded slightly in side by ball at Murfreesboro on Dec 31/62.
Dickerson, James R. - Private/Sergeant - Promoted to Sergeant from Corporal July 20/63. Promoted 1st Sergeant from Sergeant, February 10/64
Dickinson, John P. - Quarter Master Sergeant/Quarter Master Sergeant
Dickinson, William H. - Private/Private - Transferred from Blythe's Mississippi Volunteers, July 22/62
Dinsmore, J. - Private/Private
Doolittle, N. J. - Corporal/Corporal - Discharged by substitution of C. W. Sutton.
Douglas, David - Orderly Sergeant/1st Sergeant - Discharged by order of Medical Board at hospital in Dalton, GA, February 25/63.
Dowd, Charles - Private/1st Lieutenant - Promoted from Corporal to Sergeant Dec 31/62. Elected 2nd Lieut. July 8/63. Wounded at Resaca, May 14/64.
Ducal, James - Private/Private - Discharged Dec 20/62 by Medical Board, Mobile, Alabama.
Dugan (Duggan), James - Private/Private
Duval, James S. - Private/Private
Easterly, L. A. - Artificer & Carpenter/Artificer
Enfinger, Daniel - Private/Private - Transferred from Company B, 33rd Alabama, November 1/63.
Ezell, William S. - Private/Quarter Master Sergeant - Promoted from Private to QM Sergeant November 17/63
Falkner (Falconer), J. A. - Private/Private
Farrow (Farror), William J. - Private/Private
Finley, David - Private/Private
Finley, John G. - Sergeant/Private -Transferred to Company A, 22nd Alabama July 22/63 by substitution.
Fitzpatrick, D. G. - Private/Private - Discharge by substitution of T. J. XXXX, April 1/63.
Fitzpatrick, Elmore F. - 1st Lieut/1st Lieut. - Appointed Captain and Judge Advocate of General Buckner's Military Court, Mar 6/63.
Fitzpatrick, Phill - Private/Sergeant - Discharged by substitution, Thomas R. Bullock, July 20/62.
Floyd, G. W. - Private/Private - Deserted May 20/64 near Cartersville.
Floyd, J. - Private/Private - Deserted - last seen Nov. 26/63 on retreat from Missionary Ridge.
Frankforter (Frankfirter, Frankfurter), Vitt - Private/Private - Taken prisoner November 25/63 near Missionary Ridge.
Fraser (Frasiers), Daniel - Private/Private - Wounded at Resaca, GA, May 14/64.
Fuller, John - Corporal/Corporal
Fuller, Simeon - Private/Private - Wounded slightly February 25/64 at Dalton, GA.
Gill, Richard - Private/Private
Gist, James B. - Private/Private
Glover, E. A. - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate, May 3/62.
Goldthwaite, Henry - Corporal/Private - Was a Corporal to July 20/62 when he was returned to the ranks at his own request.
Goldthwaite, Richard W. - 2nd Lieut/Captain - Promoted to 1st Lieut on March 3/63 due to Lt. Fitzpatrick's promotion. Promoted to Captain Jan 19/64.
Goode, Joseph B. - Private/Private -
Goodman, H. C. - Private/Private
Goree, J. L. - Private/Private - Wounded at Resaca, GA, May 14/64.
Goree, W. R. - Private/Private
Graham (Grayham), James - Private/Private
Hails, Robert - Private/Private
Hale, Matt C. - Private/Private -Transferred from 3rd Alabama Calvary, June 2/62. Severely wounded by shell below the knee at Murfreesboro, Jan 2/63. Taken Prisoner.
Hammond, Joseph - Private/Private
Hardwick, William - Private/Private - Died at Mobile, AL July 12/62.
Hare, W. C. - Private/Private - Transferred from Company B, 45th Mississippi, October 9/63.
Hart, Derril M. - Private/2nd Lieut - Promotion to Corporal July 20/63. Promotion to Sergeant from Corporal February 10/64. Promotion to 2nd Lieut. May 7/64.
Hill, W. R. Private/Private - Was substituted for B. Mock. Left sick in Kentucky, was captured, paroled, exchanged, and deserted before returning to command.
Hishman, D. - Private/Private - Discharged Jan 6/63 by providing Andrew McGillaway as a substitute.
Hobbs, T. J. - Private/Private
Hogan, John - Private/Private - Sent to hospital October 26/63 from Missionary Ridge. Wounded at Murfreesboro in leg slightly by musket ball and left in hospital.
Holt, Charles A. - Private/Corporal
Holt, T. T. - Private/Private - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate on May 27/62.
Hood, A. M. - Private/Private
Hopkins, W. L. - Private/Private
House, R. E. - Corporal/Corporal - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate, 5/62.
Houston, Joseph - Private/Private - Captured at Cassville, GA May 20/64.
Hoyt, Arthur - Private/Private
Hutcheson, John - Private/Private - Wounded at Resaca, May 14/64.
Jackson, Robert. H. - Farrier/Farrier
Jackson, William. H. - Private/Private - Transferred to Captain Long's Company, 1st Alabama Calvary in exchange for W. J. Tatums, October 1/62.
Janney, William B. - Private/Private - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate, Jan 13/63.
Jeffries, W. C. - Private/Private
Jones, B. R. - Private/Private - Transferred to Captain Blakeys Company, 1st Alabama Calvary in exchange for Elisha Curtin, September 1/62. (Company E?)
Jones, J. T. - Private/Private - Transferred from Company H, 16th Alabama, October 9/63.
Jordon, W. H. - Private/Private
Joseph, Leon. - Trumpeter/Trumpeter - Discharged by Surgeon certificate, June 17/62.
Kelley, J. T. - Private/Private - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate, May 22/62.
King, W.A. - Private/Private
Knox, William - Private/Private
Lamar, Jerry - Private/Private - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate, October - Dec/63.
Lauderdale, Jack - Private/Private
Lewis, William - Private/Private - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate, August 5/62.
Lide, Francis - Private/Private
Lide, W. R. - Physician/Surgeon
Long, Nimrod Washington - Private/Private
Long, Walter - Private/Private
McBride, Thomas - Private/Private - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate, Dec 24/63
McCombs, A. J. - Private/Private
McGillaway (Magillaway), Andrew - Substitute for D. Hishman, Jan 6/63. Transferred to Navy, Apr 11/64.
McClelland, E. G. - Sergeant/1st Lieut. - Elected in place of Lt. Goldthwaite, March 11/63. Killed at Resaca, May 14/64.
Meriweather, James. B. - Private/Corporal - Wounded May 30/64.
Meriweather, Nick F. - Private/Private
Meyer, Henry - Private/Private
Mitchell, Green W. - Private/Private - Killed in action by cannon shot, Perryville, Kentucky, October 8/62.
Mock, Ben - Private/Private - Discharged June 20/62 by substitution.
Monihan, Frank P - Private/1st Sergeant - Promotion to 1st Sergeant from Corporal, May 4/64. Slightly wounded in head by shell at Murfreesboro, Jan 2/63.
Moncrief, William - Private/Private - Transferred from Hodgson's Company, 1st Alabama Calvary, July 11/63.
Montgomery, J. A. - Private/Corporal - Promoted to Corporal, Dec 19/63.
Murphy, Francis - Private/Private
Murphy, John Holly - Sergeant/Sergeant - Died in hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee, November 4/62.
Myer, Henry - Private/Private
Nall, R. H. - Private/Private
Nettles, James H. - Private/Private - Killed ar Resaca, May 14/64
Olds, C. A. - Private/Private - Discharged by providing a substitute, J. L. Thompson, Dec 20/62.
O'Reilly, John - Killed at Murfreesboro by cannon shot in abdomen, Jan 2/63.
Parker, James E. - Private/Private
Pate, Rufus D. - Private/Private
Penick, Holmes - Private/Private
Penick, N. E. - Private/Private - Wounded at Resaca, May 15/64.
Pinckston, A. F. - Corporal/Sergeant - Promoted to Sergeant, November 1/62.
Pinckston, Charles G. - Private/Private - Wounded June 18/64.
Pinckston, John P. - Private/Private - Wounded June 18/64.
Pollard, Joseph - 2nd Lieut/2nd Lieut. - Wounded severely in leg and arm at Murfreesboro, left in hospital at Murfreesboro. Died as a Prisoner of War, Jan 5/63.
Porter, Henry. C. - Private/Private
Powell, Thomas - Private/Sergeant - Promoted to Corporal, August 31/62. Promoted to Sergeant, Dec 19/63.
Ramsay, Ben W. - Private/Private
Randolph, Ed B. - Private/Private - Transferred to 46th Alabama.
Randolph, F. C. - Sergeant/1st Sergeant - Promoted to 1st Sergeant, Mar 1/63 in place of 1st Sergeant Douglas discharge. Slightly wounded by musket ball in shoulder at Murfreesboro, Jan 2/63. Acting in charge of section.
Randolph, Rylan - Private/Private - Discharged Apr 14/62, to go to Navy.
Raoul, Thomas C. - Corporal/Sergeant - Discharged on election of Lt. in Mortiers Company, 7th Alabama Calvary, summer 63.
Relfe (Rolf), Walter R. - Private/Private - Wounded at Murfreesboro, slightly in leg by musket ball, Jan 2/63.
Riley (Reilly), Thomas - Private/Private- Transferred to Keys Battery, March 28/64.
Riles, H. - Private/Private - Deserted Jan 26/64 near Griffin, GA.
Roals, W. - Private/Private
Roddy, George - Private/Private - deserted October 18/63.
Roe, Charles - Corporal/Sergeant - Promoted to Sergeant, July/63. Severely wounded at Ringgold Gap, November 27/63. Died of Pneumonia in Atlanta, Dec 19/63.
Royers, Arthur -Private/Private
Rogers, H. C. - Private/Private
Rolinson (Rollinson), Abe J. B. - Private/Private
Rolinson (Rollinson), Silas - Artificer & Blacksmith/Artificer
Ross, J. B. - Discharges on Surgeon Certificate, May 17/62.
Ryan (Rigan), J. H. - Private/Private
Samuels, W. R. - Private/Private - Discharged on Surgeon Certificate, June 8/62.
Scharff (Schaff), E. - Bugler/Bugler - Transferred from Cambell Company, 1st Alabama Calvary in exchange for Brown, September 1/62. Detailed Chief Bugler by Hotchkiss, Jan 1/64.
Scott, John B. - 1st Lieut/1st Lieut. - Resigned.
Scott, William B. - Private/Private - Killed at Resaca, May 14/64.
Semple, Henry C. - Captain/Captain - Detached service as Chief Artillery, Hills Corps by order of General Hill. Promoted to Major of Artillery, February 16/64. Rank from Jan 19/64.
Sharpe, Winfield - Private/Private
Shell, Thomas L. - Private/Private
Shellman, John A. - Private/Private - Taken prisoner November 25/63 near Missionary Ridge.
Shellman, H. L. - Private/Private
Shimkey (Shimky), Henry - Artificer/Artificer - Transferred from Company A, 40th Alabama. Slightly wounded in head by shell at Murfreesboro, Jan 2/63.
Smith, James R. - Private/Private
Snell, Adam - Private/Private
Snell, T. J. - Private/Private - Taken prisoner near Missionary Ridge, November 25/63.
Speigner, George - Private/Private
Spencer, A. - Private/Corporal - Promoted to Corporal, March 1/63, in place of Doolittle's discharge.
Steele, John - Private/Corporal - Promoted to Corporal, September 15/63, in place of Meriweather.
Stubbs, Thomas B. - Private/Private - Wounded at Battle of Chickamauga, September 20/63. Slightly wounded in abdomen by musket ball.
Sutten, Joseph - Private/Private
Sutten, Charles W. - Private/Private - Deserted the day after enlistment. Was the substitute for N. J. Doolittle.
Sutten, J. B. - Private/Private - Transferred from Company F, 16th Alabama, October 9/63. Transferred to Keys Battery, March 1/64.
Taliaferro, Thornton. - Private/Private - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate, June 8/62.
Tatums (Tatum), William. J. - Private/Private - Transferred from 1st Alabama Calvary, October 1/62. Severely wounded in abdomen and left on field at Murfreesboro, Jan 2/63. Killed.
Taylor, B. F. - Private/Private
Taylor, Ed F. - Corporal/Corporal - Discharged by Surgeon Certificate, October 1/62.
Taylor, Hails - Private/Corporal - Wounded severely in thigh at Murfreesboro, Jan 2/63, by buck shot.
Taylor, William R. - Private/Private
Thomas, J. M. - Private/Private
Thomas, William B. - Private/Corporal - Promoted to Corporal, July 8/62.
Thompson, J. L. - Private/Private - Mustered as substitute for C. A. Olds, Dec 20/62.
Thompson, William. V. - Private/Private
Thornhill, William. - Artificer & Carpenter/Artificer
Timmerman, W. J. - Rejected
Trott, J. O. - Private/Private - Killed at Gilgal Church, June 15/64.
Vanderveer, W. B. - Private/Private - Discharged April 28/62.
Vickers, J. Hirum - Private/Private
Waltz, Lewis - Private/Corporal
Ware, James L. - Corporal/Private - Was a Corporal to July 20/62, when he was appointed Sergeant. Sergeant until September 17/63 when he was detached to hospital duty as a Private.
Warner (Warren), Frederick H. - Private/Private - Wounded in action at Murfreesboro, and left at hospital. Wounded severely in head by miniball. Prisoner Jan 5/63.
Westbrook, W. S. - Private/Private
Wharton, G. H. - Private/Private
Whitaker, J. - Private/Private
White, William. S. - Private/Private
Wilder, Sidney B. - Private/Private
Wilkinson, W. - Private/Private
Williams, James - Private/Private
Williams, Thomas - Private/Private
Williamson, William - Private/Private - Discharged bt Surgeon Certificate, May 30/62
Wilson, A. - Private/Private
Wright, Edwin - Private/Private
Wyman, Belser L. - Private/Private
Zimmerman, John F. - Wounded at Resaca, May 14/64.

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