Sengstak's-Barrett's Battery

This company was organized at Mobile, December 1861 and remained there and at Columbus, Miss., till September 1862. The battery was engaged at Corinth and Hatchee, with small loss at the latter. During the winter that followed, the battery operated in north Mississippi. It was part of the ill-fated garrison of Vicksburg, where it lost largely in casualties, and was captured. When exchanged, the men were assigned to Barrett's, (Missouri) battery, and joined the Army of Tennessee. During the Dalton-Atlanta campaign, Barrett's battery in a battalion commanded by Major Waddell of Russell—was constantly engaged, and lost considerably. Ordered to Columbus, it took part in the battle of Girard, and most of the men, and all the guns, were there captured.

Captains -- Hermann H. Sengstak of Mobile; transferred.

Lieutenants -- Wm. P. Leslie of Monroe; resigned. A. P. St. John of Mobile; transferred. Stanley H. Bell of Greene; wounded at Vicksburg; transferred.

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