Tarrant's Battery


This command was organized in June 1863, and the men were from the western counties of the State. It remained at Pollard for some months, and joined the Army of Tennessee at Dalton. The battery participated in the battles of Resaca, Cassville, Lost Mountain, New Hope, Kennesa, Peach-tree, and Atlanta, and suffered more or less in each. It then moved towards Tennessee, and was under fire at Decatur from the gunboats. At Nashville one section of the battery was captured entire, after hard fighting, and so many men and horses killed in the other that the guns could not be drawn off. Ordered to Blakeley, the men there manned eight heavy pieces, endured the perils of that siege, fired the last gun at the victor foe, and was there surrendered.

Captains -- Ed. Tarrant of Tuskaloosa; captured at Blakeley.

Lieutenants -- Seth Shepard of Perry; captured at Nashville. B. B. Hardwick of Tuskaloosa; wounded at Kennesa; at Nashville. E. W. Tarrant of Tuskaloosa; captured at Blakeley.

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