Eighteenth Alabama




This was meant for a local organization, and consisted of five companies of men, mounted originally. Organized in the summer of 1862, in Jackson County, the battalion was engaged in numerous encounters with the enemy along the line of the Tennessee. In November it was dismounted by consent, and in January 1863 joined the army of Tennessee at Tullahoma. Attached to Wood's brigade, the battalion lost heavily at Chicamauga. It was thenceforward a part of Cleburne's fire-tried division throughout the campaigns of that army, fighting, marching, and suffering almost without intermission till its colors were furled in North Carolina. For the sake of convenience, the battalion was attached to the Thirty-third Alabama, without losing its distinctive organization.

The only field officer was a major, as follows: William T. Gunter of Jackson; resigned. John G. Gibson; killed at Chicamauga. Jasper J. Jones of Jackson; captured at Mission Ridge.

Nearly all the men were from Jackson, and in five compnies, commanded by Captains Jasper J. Jones, (promoted), George E. Cowan, George W. Rodgers, G. M. Ingalls, and Montgomery Money.

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