First Confederate Battalion

There were three Alabama companies in this battalion, made up mainly of recruits from the Second Alabama (as its time was expiring), in the spring of 1862. There were three other companies, one each from Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. The battalion fought at Corinth with small loss; and in Tilghman's brigade, Loring's division, was at Baker's Creek with few casualties. Part of the battalion was captured at Vicksburg, the other portion fought at Jackson. Ordered to Virginia in the winter of 1863-64, the battalion was placed in Davis' brigade, Heth's division. It was engaged at the Wilderness, the second Cold Harbor, and in the trenches of Petersburg, losing severely, especially at the attempt to drive the enemy from the Weldon Railroad. At Hatcher's Run (April 2, 1865), the battalion was captured, with the entire brigade; but it was greatly reduced in numbers.

First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
John Barry I Private Private
E. Booker E Private Private
Isaiah Brown A    
  Bryan F Private Private
  Buckfort F Private Private
William Burrow B Private Private
J.W. Crawford E Private Private
W.R. Dunham   Private Private
John Gleason   Private Private
John Kennady C Private Private
E.B. Ladner E Private Private
J. G. McGrunder B Private Private
  McKinstrey E Private Private
Michael Molan I Private Private
A. Myers B Private Private
G.W. Robison A Private Private
James Tarling F Corporal Corporal

Field and Staff

Lieut. Colonels -- George Hoke Forney of Calhoun; killed at the Wilderness. F. B. McClung of Franklin.

Majors -- L. W. O'Bannon* of Louisiana; transferred. Geo. H. Forney; promoted. F. B. McClung; promoted. A. M. O'Neal of Lauderdale.

Adjutants -- W. J. Scott of Calhoun; wounded at second Cold Harbor.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Mobile, Calhoun, Jackson -- Geo. H. Forney; promoted. A. M. O'Neal; promoted.

Mobile -- F. B. McClung; promoted. Mike Donahue; killed at Weldon Railroad.

Mobile -- M. M. Kenny.

The other companies, from Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, were originally under Captains J. M. Johnson, Lee, and Bartlett, respectively.

*O'Bannon and Forney were majors before the battalion was entitled to a lieutenant colonel by the addition of the Tennessee and Georgia companies.

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