Streight's Raid

Streight's Raid took place from April 19 to May 3, 1863, in northern Alabama. It was led by Union Col. Abel D. Streight, whose goal was to destroy parts of the Western and Atlantic Railroad, which was supplying the Confederate Army of Tennessee. The raid was poorly supplied and planned, and ended with the defeat and capture of Streight and his 1,700 men at Cedar Bluff, Alabama, by Confederate Brig. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest who had 500 men. Streight was additionally hindered by locals throughout his march, while pursued by Forrest, who had the advantage of home territory and the sympathy and aid of the local populace, most famously Emma Sansom.

The actual capture of Streight's forces was achieved by a clever ruse, when Forrest paraded his much smaller force back and forth in front of Streight, convincing him that he was opposed by a superior force. After surrendering and being informed of the deception Streight reputedly demanded his arms back for a proper fight, a request cheerfully declined by Forrest.

This unsuccessful raid was coordinated with the more famous Grierson's Raid, partially as a feint to confuse the Confederate forces.

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