Roddy's Fourth Alabama
Cavalry Regiment


This regiment was organized at Tuscumbia, October 1862, and was sent to middle Tennessee. It wintered near the army, but in the early spring was sent to the Tennessee Valley. When Dodge advanced up the valley, the Fourth met him below Tuscumbia, and contested the ground to Town Creek, losing severely. It took part in the pursuit of Streight, and, as the heart and nucleus of Roddy's brigade, was on constant and perilous duty. The regiment fought with loss at Tishomingo, and suffered severely in the battle of Harrisburg. On Forrest's Athens and Pulaski raid, the Fourth bore the brunt of two or three fights, and was badly cut up. It bore the leading part in Gen. Roddy's movements, repelling raids, picketing the front, and making a number of daring attacks, such as that at Barton's and the one at Florence. When Wilson crossed the mountains, the regiment was in his front, and fought nearly all the way from Montevallo to Selma. The larger portion of the Fourth was captured at Selma, and the remnant laid down its arms at Pond Spring.

Field and Staff

Colonels -- P. D. Roddy of Lawrence; promoted. Wm. A. Johnson of Lauderdale; wounded at Pulaski.

Lieut. Colonels -- Wm. A. Johnson; promoted. F. M. Wines of Morgan.

Majors -- Dick Johnson of Lauderdale, wounded near Florence; killed near Moulton.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Franklin -- Jas. Williams; killed at Courtland. C. J. Hyatt.

Lauderdale -- Joseph H. Sloss; transferred. Thos. Williams; wounded near Bainbridge; killed near Huntsville. J. M. Weems.

Lauderdale -- Wm. H. Welsh.

Franklin -- W. R. Julian; till re-organized. John A. Steele.

Lawrence -- J. H. Shackelford; transferred. Ward McDonald.

Franklin -- John Newsom; transferred. John C. Nelson; wounded and captured.

Franklin -- Jere. Daily; till re-organized. Edw. J. Odum.

Walker -- E. Kelly; wounded.

Lawrence -- Philip Thirlkill; transferred. .... Maguire.

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