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Russell's Cavalry Regiment
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At Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dec. 1862, four companies of the original battalion with which Gen. Forrest entered the service, were united with the six companies of the Fourth Alabama battalion, and the regiment organized. The four companies that had been with Forrest for 15 months, had fought at Fort Donelson, Shiloh, and numerous other engagements. A few days after its organization, the regiment went with Forrest on a raid into west Tennessee, and fought at Lexington, Trenton, Jackson, and Parker's Cross Roads, capturing two pieces of artillery at the first, and losing severely at the last mentioned battle. A few weeks later, the Fourth was in the attack on Fort Donelson, by Wheeler and Forrest, and there suffered severely. Attached to Allen's brigade of Wheeler's division, the regiment took part in the operations of the cavalry of the Army of Tennessee. At Chicamauga the regiment was warmly engaged, and bore a full share in all the engagements of the east Tennessee campaign of Gen. Longstreet. It was then in the Dalton-Atlanta campaign, fighting continuously, and was part of the force that captured Stoneman's column. When Gen. Hood began to move into Tennessee, the Fourth was detached, and sent to the Tennessee valley, and operated in that region. After the battle of Nashville, the Fourth was assigned to Forrest's corps, and was surrendered with his troops at Gainesville.

Field and Staff

Colonels -- A. A. Russell of Jackson; wounded twice.

Lieut. Colonels -- Joseph M. Hambrick of Madison; wounded at Calhoun, Ga.

Majors -- F. M. Taylor of Madison.

Adjutants -- Harry F. Christian of Madison.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came*

Jackson -- Henry F. Smith; wounded.

Madison -- Oliver B. Gaston; captured; died in prison.

Wilcox and Monroe -- W. C. Bacot; wounded near Atlanta.

Cherokee -- Thomas W. Hampton; killed at Mossy Creek.

Madison -- W. R. Whitman.

Marshall -- Wm. Fennell.

Jackson -- Flavius J. Graham; wounded near Atlanta.

Marshall -- Henry Milner; resigned. David Davidson; wounded; resigned.

Madison -- Frank B. Gurley.

Lawrence -- H. C. Speake.

* The following were captains in this regiment, but are not assigned to their respective companies in the report furnished: H. A. Gillespie, W. H. Taylor (killed at Decatur), Wm. Smith, Jas. Smith, and Thomas B. Winston. D. C. Kelly of Madison led one of the companies into the service, and was elected Lientenant colonel of Forrest's regiment. D. C. Davis was the first captain of one of the Madison companies, and........Trewhitt of the Cherokee company.

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