Fifth Alabama
Cavalry Regiment

(Patterson's) Cavalry Regiment



This regiment was organized at Tuscumbia, in December 1862, and brigaded under Gen. Roddy. Moved into east Tennessee shortly after, and skirmished at Chapel Hill. Captured a wagon train at Hamburg; captured 60 prisoners and a train at Hunt's Mill, in Jackson; blocked the railroad in rear of Rosecrans; captured 130 prisoners at Madison Station; fought Gen. Long at Moulton; stampeded a regiment at Oakville; and was with Gen. Forrest on his brilliant Pulaski raid, with light loss. The Fifth also skirmished with Steedman when he marched into the Tennessee Valley, and was in front of Wilson's corps from Montevallo to Selma. The regiment took part in the defence of Selma, and were mostly captured there. The remainder surrendered at Danville, in Morgan. During its career the Fifth captured 450 of the enemy, besides killing and capturing quite a number.

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