Eighth Cavalry Regiment (Hatch's)

(Ball's- Hatch's) Cavalry Regiment
B. Coles Company/ Goldthwaite's
F..Marshall's Boys


This regiment was organized in April 1864 at Newbern, by adding a company to the nine of Hatch's battalion, which had entered the service the previous winter. Ordered at once to Blue Mountain, the regiment was under General Pillow. Moving into north Georgia, the regiment was in the desperate encounter at Lafayette, with a loss of 30 killed and wounded and about 75 prisoners. Shortly after, the Eighth fought at Rome, losing about 20 men killed and wounded. It was ordered to west Florida soon after, and was in front of Steele as he moved on Pollard. The Eighth surrendered at Gainesville, after some further operations of minor importance.

8th (Hatch's) Cavalry Regiment was organized at Newbern, Alabama, in April, 1864, by adding one company to the nine of Hatch's Battalion that had entered Confederate service the previous winter. The men were form Sumter, Dallas, Tuscaloosa, Greene, Marengo, Choctaw, and Fayette counties. It joined General Pillow at Blue Mountain, then was assigned to C.G. Armistead's Brigade, Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. The unit fought at Lafayette, Georgia, and sustained 105 casualties. Later it moved to Selma, served at Talladega, and in September totalled 241 effectives. It went on to confront the Federals in Florida and Alabama, and on May 14, 1865, surrendered at Gainesville. Its commanders were Colonels Charles P. Ball and Lemuel D. Hatch, and Majors William T. Poe and Richard H. Redwood.

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