Civil War Regimental Histories and Rosters


South Confederate Avenue, Gettysburg


Your names are inscribed on fames immortal scroll

Battles Fought in the State of Alabama 
Athens Siege of Bridgeport Battle of Cherokee Station
Day's Gap Dcature Battle of Ebenezer Church
Fort Blakely Mobile Bay Battle of Munford
Skirmish at Paint Rock Bridge Selma Spanish Fort
Battle of Sulphur Creek Trestle Streight's Raid Wilson's Raid

Have been working on rosters for quite a while.  Computer went down and lost all references for the information.  Quite a bit of this information was sent to me in e-mails of which also is no more.  If you know where this information might have come from, please let me know so I can give whoever the submitter was the proper recognition.   Thanks.

Alabama Monument, Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia
Oak Hill Cemetery, Newman, Coweta County, Georgia


1st Infantry Regiment

1st Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi Infantry Regiment
1st Regiment Mobile Volunteers, Local Defense Troops

1st Battalion Cadets

1st Regiment Conscripts

1st Regiment Home Guard

1st Regiment Militia

1st Regiment Sharpshooters

2nd Infantry Regiment

3rd Infantry Regiment

3rd Regiment Volunteer Militia

4th Infantry Regiment

4th Regiment Volunteer Militia

5th Infantry Regiment

6th Infantry Regiment

7th Infantry Regiment

8th Infantry Regiment

9th Regiment Volunteer Militia

9th Infantry Regiment

10th Infantry Regiment

11th Infantry Regiment

12th Infantry Regiment

13th Infantry Regiment

14th Infantry Regiment

15th Infantry Regiment

16th Infantry Regiment

17th Infantry Regiment 

18th Infantry Regiment

19th Infantry Regiment

20th Infantry Regiment

21st Infantry Regiment

22nd Infantry Regiment

23rd Infantry Regiment

23rd Battalion Sharpshooters

23rd Regiment Militia

24th Infantry Regiment

25th Infantry Regiment

25th Regiment Militia

26th Infantry Regiment

26-50th Infantry Regiment

27th Infantry Regiment

28th Infantry Regiment

29th Infantry Regiment

30th Infantry Regiment

31st Infantry Regiment

31st Regiment Militia

31st Regiment Reserves

32nd and 58th Consolidated Infantry Regiment

32nd Infantry Regiment

33rd Infantry Regiment

34th Infantry Regiment

35th Infantry Regiment

36th Infantry Regiment

37th Infantry Regiment

38th Infantry Regiment

39th Infantry Regiment

40th Infantry Regiment

41st Infantry Regiment

42nd Infantry Regiment

43rd Infantry Regiment

44th Infantry Regiment

45th Infantry Regiment

45th Regiment Militia

46th Infantry Regiment

46th Regiment Militia

47th Infantry Regiment

48th Infantry Regiment      

48th Regiment Militia

48th Regiment Volunteer Militia

49th Infantry Regiment

50th Infantry Regiment

51st Regiment Partisan Rangers

51st Regiment Infantry

52nd Infantry Regiment

53rd Regiment Partisan Rangers

54th Infantry Regiment

55th Infantry Regiment

56th Regiment Partisan Rangers

56th Infantry Regiment

57th Infantry Regiment

58th Infantry Regiment

59th Infantry Regiment

60th Infantry Regiment

61st Infantry Regiment

62nd Infantry Regiment

62nd Regiment Infantry (1st Alabama Reserves)

63rd Infantry Regiment

64th Infantry Regiment

65th Infantry Regiment

66th Regiment Infantry

67th Regiment Infantry

68th Regiment Infantry

69th Regiment Militia

76th Regiment Infantry

79th Regiment Infantry

89th Regiment Voluntary Militia

92nd Regiment Infantry

94th Regiment Voluntary Militia

95th Regiment Voluntary Militia

105th Regiment Infantry

Bligh's Company Militia

Brady's Alabama Infantry

Campbell's Company Militia

Cooper's Battalion Infantry

Crawfords Company

Darby's Company Volunteers (Auburn Home Guards)

Eckles' Battalion Infantry   

Gueringer's Company Militia

Hammond's Alabama Infantry

Hardy's Company (Eufaula Minutemen)

Hert's Company Militia

Hilliard's Legion

Hunt's Company Militia

Jay's Company Infantry

Lee's Company Volunteers

Lieutenant Stewart's Detachment Alabama Local Defense

Lockhart's Alabama Infantry

McCroskey's Battalion Infantry

McQueen's Alabama Infantry

Moreland's Battalion Sharpshooters

Odds (Soldiers with unknown/unlisted unit)

Oden's Company Mounted Infantry

West's Company Militia


1st Cavalry Regiment

1st Battalion Cavalry

1st Cavalry Regiment Militia

1st Cavalry Regiment Reserve

2nd Cavalry Regiment

3rd Cavalry Regiment

4th Cavalry Regiment (Roddy's)

4th Cavalry (Russell's)

4th Cavalry Regiment

4th Cavalry Battalion (Loves)

5th Cavalry Regiment

6th Cavalry Regiment

7th Cavalry Regiment

8th Cavalry Regiment (Hatch's)

8th Regiment Cavalry (Livingston's)

8th Cavalry Regiment

9th Cavalry Regiment (Malone's)

9th Cavalry Regiment

9th Cavalry Regiment-2

10th Cavalry Regiment

11th Battalion Cavalry

11th Cavalry Regiment

12th Cavalry Regiment

13th Battalion Partison Rangers (13th Cavalry Regiment)

14th Cavalry Regiment   

15th Cavalry Regiment

16th Cavalry Regiment

17th Cavalry Regiment

19th Cavalry Regiment

20th Cavalry Regiment

22nd Cavalry Regiment

23rd Cavalry Regiment

24th Cavalry Battalion

25th Cavalry Battalion

26th Cavalry Regiment

29th Cavalry Regiment

30th Cavalry Regiment

31st Cavalry Regiment

33rd Cavalry Regiment

35th Cavalry Regiment

38th Cavalry Regiment

42nd Cavalry Regiment

43rd Cavalry Regiment

47th Cavalry Regiment

53rd Cavalry Regiment Partisan Rangers

54th Cavalry Regiment

60th Cavalry Regiment

61st Cavalry Regiment

Adams Escort Cavalry

Alabama Cavalry

Armstead's Cavalry Regiment

Barbiere's Battalion Cavalry

Barlow's Company Cavalry

Bowies Company  

Brewer's Alabama Cavalry

Brier's Cavalry Reserves

Brola Company Cavalry

Brown's Alabama Cavalry

Brooks' Company
Cavalry Reserves

Burge's Company Cavalry

Cachet's Company Cavalry

Callaway's Company Cavalry

Chisholm's Company Cavalry

Dawson's Cavalry Regiment

Dill's Alabama Cavalry

Dobbins' Alabama Cavalry

Falconnet's Battalion Cavalry

Falkner's Company Cavalry (Chambers')

Floyd's Company Cavalry

Forrest's Cavalry Regiment

Foster's Cavalry Regiment

Gachet's Company Cavalry

Hardie's Battalion Cavalry Reserves

Holloway's Company Cavalry

Hubbard's Battalion Cavalry

Ingliss' Alabama Cavalry

James County (Alabama) Militia

Jearsyville Alabama Cavalry

Lenoir's Independent Company Cavalry

Lewis' Battalion Cavalry

Logan's Company Mounted Reserves    

Lowe's Cavalry Regiment

McDonald's Cavalry Regiment

McQueen's Cavalry Regiment

Milner's Alabama Cavalry

Moreland's Cavalry Battalion

Moreland's Cavalry Regiment

Moses' Squadron Cavalry

Mounted Militia

Murphy's Battalion Cavalry (Alabama and Florida Battalion)

Musgrove's Battalion Cavalry

Newman's Alabama Cavalry

Norwood's Battalion Cavalry

Reeves' Alabama Cavalry

Roddey's Escort Cavalry

Shockley's Company Cavalry

Stuart's Battalion Cavalry

Thomas' Cavalry Regiment

Young's Company Cavalry (State Reserves)

William Berry Columbus Hall--5th Battalion Hilliard's Cavalry Legion

1st Confederate Battalion
 1st Battalion Militia

1st Battalion Reserves

2nd Battalion Reserves

3rd Battalion Reserves

7th Battalion Reserves

30th Battalion Reserves

13th Battalion Partisan Rangers

14th Battalion Partisan Rangers

15th Battalion Partisan Rangers (also called 1st Battalion)
18th Infantry Battalion

18th Battalion Partisan Rangers

2nd Battalion

3rd Battalion

4th Battalion   
1st Infantry Battalion (Loomis)
4th Infantry Battalion
5th Infantry Battalion
6th Infantry Battalion (McClellan's)

9th Infantry Battalion / 5th Infantry Battalion Volunteers (Blount's)

10th Infantry Battalion (also called 4th Battalion)
16th Infantry Battalion, (also called 4th; also numbered 15th)
17th Battalion Sharpshooters
23rd Sharpshooters Battalion


1st Confederate Regiment 3rd Confederate Regiment
8th Confederate Regiment 10th Confederate Regiment
15th Confederate Regiment 1st Reserve Regiment
2nd Reserve Regiment (also called 63rd Regiment) 3rd Reserve Regiment
4th Reserve Regiment (also called 65th Regiment) 2nd Regiment Engineers
69th Regiment 87th Regiment


1st Artillery Battalion

1st Regiment Artillery

1st Regiment Heavy Artillery

2nd Artillery Battalion

11th Company Artillery

20th Battalion Light Artillery

27th Battery Artillery

4th Alabama Artillery

4th Battery

11th Regiment Heavy Artillery


Alabama Artillery

Alabama Battery

Bacomb's Artillery

Barbour Light Artillery

Bay Batteries Artillery


Carnes' Battery Artillery




Croft's Battery Light Artillery

Eufaula light



Garrity's Artillery Battery

Gid Nelson Light Artillery

Goldthwaite's Battery Light Artillery

Gracie's Battery

Graves' Company Cavalry

Hardaway's--Hurt's Battery Light Artillery

Hardee's Alabama Artillery


Hilliard's Alabama Legion Artillery Battalion

Jeff Davis Light Artillery

Jenks' Battery Artillery


Kolb's Battery Light Artillery

Lee's Light Artillery Company


Marshall's Battery Light Artillery

McIntosh's Alabama Artillery

Montgomery True Blues Light Artillery

Page's Artillery

Phelam's Light Artillery Company

Reeves' Battery

Robertson's-Dent's Battery [often called Robertson's-Dent's Florida Battery]

Robinson's Battery Artillery

Seawell's Battery Artillery (Mohawk Artillery)




Stewart's Company Artillery   

State Artillery


Truehart's Alabama Artillery Battalion




Williams' Battery Artillery

Young's Battery Artillery



Miscellaneous Units

Alabama Conscripts

Alabama Engineers

Alabama Garrison Guard

Alabama Invalid Corps

Alabama Legion

Alabama Militia

Alabama Miscellaneous

Alabama Nitre and Mining Corps

Alabama Quartermaster Department

Alabama Rangers

Alabama Rebels

Alabama Recruits

Alabama State Guards

Alabama State Reserves

Alabama State Troops

Alabama Supporting Forces

Arrington's Company A, Mobile City Troop (Company F, 15th Confederate Cavalry)

Battalion of Conscripts and Reserves

Belser's Company Reserves

Brooks' Alabama Home Guards

Camp of Instruction, Talladega

Calhoun County (Alabama) Reserves

Camp Pickens

Camp Watts

Coosa County (Alabama) Reserves   

Echols' Company Conscripts

Elliby's Company State Reserves

Fagg's Company Volunteers (Lownde's Rangers)

Fayette County Reserves 

Fire Battalion of Mobile (Alabama)

Firemen's Guard 

Freeman's Company Prison Guards

Fulmo Alabama Reserves

Goldsmith's Independent Company Volunteers

Gorff's Company (Mobile Pulaski Rifles)

Gray's Battalion Reserves

Greensboro Guard

Hancock's Company Reserves

Hays' Regiment

Herron's Mobile City Guards

Home Guard State Troops

Hubbard's Company State Reserve

Leighton Rangers

Lewis' Regiment

Lockett's Company, City Guards (Alabama)

McDaniel's Alabama Reserve

McQueen's Company Reserves

Meador's Company Volunteers

Mobile Battalion

Mobile (Alabama) City Troop

Mobile Reserves

Montgomery Guards

Morris' Company (Mounted) 

Orr's Company (Morgan Defenders)

Palmer's Company State Reserves

Pickens County (Alabama) Supporting Force

Pike County Militia

Provost Marshal

Rabby's Coast Guard Company No. 1 Volunteers

Randolph County (Alabama) Reserves

Rankin's Company Reserves 

Ready's Battalion Reserves

Reed's Supporting Force, 2nd Alabama Congressional District

Reeder's Battalion

Richardson's Company State Reserve

Rives' Supporting Force, 9th Alabama Congressional District

Shelby County (Alabama) Reserves

Sheppard's Company Reserves

Sleet's Scouts

Sperry's Alabama Reserves

Stewart's Detachment Local Defense

Suttles' Company, Coosa Guards

Talladega County (Alabama) Reserves

Talladega Guards (Alabama)

Toomer's Company, Local Defense and Special Service (Chunchula Guards)

Tuscaloosa Cadets (Alabama)

Unassigned Alabama 

University of Alabama Cadet Corps

Wallace's Alabama State Troops

Wallis' Company Mounted Militia

Walthall's Battalion Reserves

White's Battalion (Alabama)

Wilcox County Militia

Young's Company Nitre and Mining Corps

21st Battalion

3rd Regiment Conscripts

3rd Regiment State Troops

6th Brigade, 3rd Division Militia

8th Division Militia

9th Brigade Volunteer Militia

Jewish Soldiers 

Miscellaneous Commands

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