Fifteenth Alabama
Field & Staff

CANTY [CANTEY?], James [30 Dec 1818-], Col. (from Co. "A"; a lawyer, planter; elected Col.; transferred to western army, 62; appointed Brig-Gen'l, 8 Jan 63; bio: CMH VIII:397-398 )
LOWTHER, Alexander A. [29 November 1826-4 September 1889], Major (enlisted, aged 35; appointed, Capt., Co. "A", 26 July 61; promoted, Major, 25 Jan 62, and Col., 28 April 63; wounded, 16 Aug 64; burial: Linwood Cemetery, Columbus, GA )
OATES, William Calvin [30 November 1833, Pike Co., AL-9 September 1910], Col. (appointed, Capt., Co. "G", July 61; appointed, Major, 28 April 63, Lt. Col., 7 Dec 64 )
FEAGIN, Isaac Ball [17 July 1833, Jones Co., GA-2 May 1900], Lt. Col. (a merchant, deputy sheriff, and judge; appointed, Capt., Co. "B", 26 July 61; Lt. Col., 28 April 63; wounded, Shepherdstown, 19 Sept 62; wounded and captured, Gettysburg; exchanged, 10 March 64; retired to Invalid Corps, 7 Dec 64 )
TREUTLEN, John Fletcher [1828, Cokesbury, SC-27 February 1908], Lt. Col. (appointed, Lt., 1st AL Infantry; appointed Lt. Col., 15th AL, 27 July 61, and Col., late 62; resigned with "bad lungs", 28 April 63; appointed, Col., Barbour Co., AL Militia; a planter, bureaucrat; burial: Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula, AL )
DANIEL, John Wilhite Lewis [1 August 1831, LaGrange, GA-31 August 1876, Midway, TN], Major (a lawyer; appointed, Capt., Co. "B", but elected, Major, 27 July 61; resigned, for ill health, 25 Jan 62; later served in 1st AL Cav and in post command, Greenville, TN )
AIKEN, J. W., Surgeon
BEATTY, W. H., Surgeon
BRIGGS, George W., Surgeon
STANFORD, F. A., Surgeon (retired)
DAVIS, George J., Ass't Surgeon
DAVIS, J. J., Ass't Surgeon (Special Orders 64, 22 Feb 65)
DRALE. W. G., Ass't Surgeon (resigned, 31 March 62)
HARDEN, J. J., Ass't Surgeon
McMAHAN, F. E. S., Ass't Surgeon
POPE, C. M., Ass't Surgeon
RIVES, Alexander, jr., Ass't Surgeon
McKENNON, H. J., Chaplain (resigned, 2 Jan 62)
VERNOY, James, Ass't Commissary
WEEMS, Lock, Adj. (died in service, 16 July 62)
PARKS, S. H., A. A. G.
FEAGIN, S. T., Ass't QM (resigned)
HEAD, Edmond P., Actg. Ass't QM (temporary)
ARCHIBALD, J. G., Ensign

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