Twenty-Sixth-Fiftieth Alabama

Infantry Regiment

This regiment was organized at Corinth, in March 1862, by the consolidation of two battalions then recently recruited. Placed in the brigade of Gen. Gladden, it fought at Shiloh with a loss of 12 killed and 111 wounded out of about 700 engaged. Gen. Gardner having taken command of the brigade -- the Nineteenth, Twenty-second, Twenty-fifth, Twenty-sixth-Fiftieth and Thirty-ninth Alabama regiments -- the Twenty-sixth Fiftieth moved into Kentucky, and lost about 20 men in combat with Gen. Sill's division. It participated in the battle of Murfreesboro, with a loss of about 200 men in casualties of 600 engaged. The regiment wintered at Tullahoma, and was with the army when it fell back. Now under Gen. Deas as brigadier, the regiment moved to the assault at Chicamauga about 500 strong, of which about one-fifth were killed or wounded. It was in the line at Mission Ridge, and lost about 45 men, mostly captured. On the retreat from Dalton, where it had wintered, the regiment performed arduous and active service, fighting nearly every day. In the bloody battles around Atlanta the regiment lost very heavily, but at Jonesboro the list of casualties was small. It then moved into Tennessee with Gen. Hood, and was badly mutilated at Franklin. The regiment subsequently proceeded to the Carolinas, and it was at Kinston that a line of skirmishers, 40 strong, principally from it, under Captain E.B. Vaughan, captured a stand of colors and 300 men of the 15th Connecticut. The Twenty-sixth-Fiftieth laid down its arms at Greenesboro, N.C., with Gen. Johnston's forces.

Field and Staff

Colonel -- John G. Coltart of Madison; wounded at Shiloh and Atlanta.

Lieutenant Colonels -- Wm. D. Chaddick of Madison; resigned. Newton Nash Clements of Tuskaloosa.

Majors -- .... Gwin of Tennessee; wounded at Shiloh; resigned. N.N. Clements; promoted. Thomas H. Gilbert of Limestone; resigned. John C. Hutto of Walker.

Adjutant -- John C. Bruckner of Madison; killed at Atlanta.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Calhoun -- .... Sappington; resigned. T.T. Lankford; retired. Martin Walker.

Limestone -- Thomas H. Gilbert; promoted. J. Archie Ray.

Jackson -- Lemuel G. Meade; resigned. James E. Daniel.

Blount -- George Arnold; killed at Atlanta. John Elrod.

Limestone -- James H. Malone; resigned. John B. McClellan; transferred. William Richardson.

Tuskaloosa -- N.N. Clements; promoted. John D. Burgin.

Walker and Fayette -- John C. Clemons; resigned. E. B. Vaughan.

Walker -- John C. Hutto; promoted.

Lauderdale -- John C. Haynie; resigned. Robert Donald.

Walker and Fayette -- ...... Wooten; resigned. John B. McClellan.

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