Twenty-Ninth Alabama
Infantry Regiment

Tatnall's (Jonathan R.) Regiment
A. Walker Reynolds Guards
B. Blout Hornets
D. Bibb Rifles/ Weaver Guards
E. Philip Weaver Guards
F. Tiger Boys
G. Seals Guards












Field & Staff

This regiment was organized at Pensacola in February, 1862, by the addition of two companies to the Fourth Alabama battalion - a body of eight companies, which had been organized the autumn before at Montgomery. The regiment remained at Pensacola till it was evacuated, suffering much from diseases that usually afflict raw troops. It then lay between Pollard and Pensacola for over a year, when it was ordered to Mobile, and there remained from July 1863 to April 1864, save a short time that it was at Pollard. The regiment then joined the Army of Tennessee at Resaca, in time to initiate the Atlanta-Dalton campaign, and was brigaded with the First, Seventeenth, and Twenty-sixth of Alabama, and Thirty-seventh of Mississippi regiments, commanded at different intervals by Col. Murphey of Montgomery, Gen. O'Neal of Lauderdale, and Gen. Shelley of Talladega. The Twenty-ninth was engaged at the battle of Resaca with a loss of about 100 killed and wounded, out of 1100 men engaged. At New Hope the loss was very heavy, and at Peach-tree Creek the regiment was cut to pieces. Again, July 28, near Atlanta, half of the regiment was killed and wounded in the fierce and protracted assault on the enemy's line. The Twenty-ninth then moved into Tennessee with Gen. Hood, and lost very heavily in casualties at Franklin, and largely in casualties and prisoners at Nashville. A remnant of it moved into the Carolinas, and was engaged at Kinston and Bentonville with considerable loss. About 90 men surrendered at Greensboro, N.C.

Field and Staff

Colonels - J.R.F Tatnall of Georgia; transferred to the navy. John F. Conoley of Dallas.

Lieutenant Colonels - J.F. Conoley; promoted. Benjamin Morris of Barbour.

Majors - Benj. Morris; promoted. Henry B. Turner of Talladega; wounded at Atlanta.

Adjutants - Lemuel D. Hatch of Greene; transferred. Benj. H. Screws of Barbour; transferred to line. James Stephenson of Virginia.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Talladega - Henry B. Turner; promoted. E. Orear; wounded at Resaca; killed at Franklin.

Blount - Duncan Dew; wounded at Atlanta.

Blount - Wm. H. Musgrove; died in the service. John M. Hanna; killed at Atlanta.

Bibb - Alfred V. Gardner; wounded at Resaca and Franklin.

Shelby - Samuel Abernethy.

Blount - B.F. Sapp; died in service. T.J. Smitherman.

Barbour - John F. Wagnon; resigned. John A. Forster; wounded at Resaca; captured at Nashville.

Bibb - Hugh Latham; died in the service. Berry G. Brown; killed at Nashville.

Conecuh - J.B. Sowell; died in the service. Ulee W. Mills; killed at Atlanta. John B. Allen; killed at Franklin.

Barbour - John C. McNab; resigned. J.C. Hailey; killed at Atlanta. Benjamin H. Screws; wounded at Atlanta.

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