Thirty-Sixth Alabama
Infantry Regiment

Smith's (Robert H.) Regiment
D. Cherokee Grays












Robert Leighton Crawford--F&S

The Thirty-sixth was organized at Mount Vernon Arsenal, May 12, 1862. It remained there a month, then aided in the construction of the defences at Oven and Chocta Bluffs. From August 1862, to April 1863, the regiment remained in Mobile, whence it went to Tullahoma. It was there brigaded under Gen. Clayton of Barbour, with the Eigthteenth, Thirty-eight, and Thirty-second-Fifty-eight Alabama regiments, Stewart's divison. The Thirty-sixth fell back with the army, and participated at Chicamauga with a loss of 125 killed and wounded. Its loss was light at Lookout, but large in casualties and prisoners at Mission Ridge. The regiment wintered at Dalton, and was engaged at Crow's Valley, Rocky-face, Resaca, New Hope, the Atlanta battles, and the skirmishing interludes, losing about 300 men by the casualties of battle from the time it left Dalton. At Jonesboro the regiment was again warmly engaged, and lost 25 per centum of its force present. Having accompanied General Hood to Middle Tennessee, the Thirty-sixth lost about 60 men at Nashville, and came out of there as an organized body. The regiment, with the other regiments of Holtzclaw's brigade, was then placed on garrison duty at Spanish Fort, and during that memorable siege lost 110 men killed, wounded, and captured. It was part of the force surrendered at Meridian, in April 1865. The Thirty-sixth went into line of battle at Dalton, May 7, 1864, with 460 muskets, and, within the eleven months that followed, lost 470 men and 21 officers, chiefly killed and wounded.

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