Thirty-Eighth Alabama
Infantry Regiment

38th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Colonel Charles T. Ketchum - resigned 13 Jan 1863.
Lt. Colonel A. R. Lankford - captured 15 May 1864 at Resaca.
Major Origen Sibley Jewett - killed 19 Sep 1863 at Chickamauga.
J. J. Hulse - Surgeon.
Charles E. Bellamy - Assistant Surgeon; died 28 Jul 1863 at Ringgold.
Knop Knowlton - Assistant Surgeon.
A. D. McVoy - Chaplain; transferred 5 Apr 1864.
Cade M. Godbold - Assistant Chaplain; dropped from rolls 5 Feb 1864.
Albert Embree - Assistant Chaplain; died 19 Mar 1864.
Henry G. Davis - Assistant Quartermaster; resigned 11 Nov 1862.
A. Gordon Shepherd - Assistant Quartermaster - dropped 3 Mar 1865.
Alfred R. Murray - Adjutant; wounded 15 May 1(64 at Resaca.
W. M. Mobley - Temporary Adjutant.
Jas. F. Fryar - Medical Officer.
Howell P. Foreman - Assistant Surgeon.
Peter Binford - Assistant Surgeon; captured 8 Apr 1865 at Spanish Fort.
Ensign John V. Raiford

Company A
The "E" Flynn Volunteers

Major William J. Hearin
Captain Daniel Lee
1st Lt. Robert R. Harwell
2nd Lt. William H. McAlpine
2nd Lt. Skipwick Coale
2nd Lt. H. C. King

Company B
The Wilcox Farmers

Captain William Ripley Welch - killed 19 Sep 1863.
Captain George W. Welch
1st Lt. John H. Kembrough - died 24 May 1862.
1st Lt. Robert T. Davis - resigned 7 Aug 1862.
1st Lt. B. H. Lockett
2nd Lt. George Huggins - resigned 13 Sep 1862.
2nd Lt. E. H. Morgan - killed 19 Sep 1863.
2nd Lt. Jere P. Agee - killed 22 Jul 1864.
2nd Lt. George Fontaine
2nd Lt. Joseph H. Fendley

Company C
The Dixie Rifles

Captain James L. Lenoir - resigned 13 Aug 1862.
Captain A. G. Moore - resigned 22 Dec 1863.
Captain B. F. Crowell - resigned 25 Oct 1864.
1st Lt. W. W. Johnson - resigned 29 Dec 1862.
1st Lt. W. T. Threadgill - resigned 10 Aug 1863.
2nd Lt. E. A. Holt
2nd Lt. William R. Gibson

Company D
Alabama Invincibles

Captain G. W. Files - resigned 9 Oct 1862.
Captain John J. R. Jenkins - resigned 25 Nov 1863.
Captain Benjamin Anderson
1st Lt. Benjamin S. Davis - resigned 19 Aug 1864.
1st Lt. E. W. Davis
2nd Lt. A. H. Rodgers - cashiered 17 Apr 1863.
2nd Lt. C. F. Gerald
2nd Lt. W. A. Dexter

Company E
Miller Guards

Captain E. W. Martin - retired 30 Aug 1864.
1st Lt. John M. Henderson - resigned 2 Apr 1864.
1st Lt. Samuel W. Landrum
2nd Lt. Newton Johnston - died 24 Nov 1863.
2nd Lt. M. R. McLellan
2nd Lt. W. S. Coleman

Company F
North River Tigers

Captain John J. Winston - became Adjutant for 18th Alabama.
Captain Benjamin F. Wright
1st Lt. John S. Merriwether - became Assistant Surgeon for 40th Alabama.
1st Lt. Albert Embree - died 19 Mar 1864.
1st Lt. W. D. Cole - killed 27 May 1864.
2nd Lt. Henley W. J. Hamner - killed 21 Jul 1864.
2nd Lt. S. Harwell

Company G
Clifton Guard

Captain J. B. Perkins - died 10 Oct 1863.
Captain G. H. Cleveland - resigned 5 Apr 1864.
1st Lt. James Holley - dropped 22 Oct 1864.
2nd Lt. James B. Mitchell - resigned 9 Sep 1862.
2nd Lt. E. Girard - became Ordnance Officer for 38th Alabama.
2nd Lt. L. F. Irwin

Company H
Bell Rifles

Captain John A. Jackson - died 25 Dec 1863.
Captain Robert J. Young
1st Lt. B. C. Lee
2nd Lt. W. C. Farish - resigned 17 Jun 1863.
2nd Lt. Edward Pegues
2nd Lt. B. C. Adam

Company I
Alabama Grays

Captain A. R. Lankford - promoted to Lt. Col. 15 May 1862; transferred to
38th Alabama staff.
Captain Charles E. Bussey
1st Lt. Milton J. Gordon - killed 19 Sep 1863 at Chickamauga.
1st Lt. Joseph R. Williams
2nd Lt. S. B. Jordan
2nd Lt. J. P. Seabrook

Company K
Joe Murrell Bayonets

Captain Ben Lane Posey - dropped 17 Feb 1865.
1st Lt. Joseph Flant - died 22 May 1864.
2nd Lt. Gordon A. Shepherd - became Assistant Quartermaster on 38th
Alabama staff.
2nd Lt. S. W. Robinson
2nd Lt. John T. Halpin - died 8 May 1863.
2nd Lt. John C. Dumas - resigned 9 Jan 1865.
2nd Lt. C. T. Pollard

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