Thirty-Eighth Alabama
Infantry Regiment

Ketchum's (Charles T.) Regiment
A. Eliza Flinn Volunteers
B. Wilcox Farmers
C. Dixie Rifles
D. Alabama Invincibles
E. Miller Guards
F. North River Tigers
G. Clifton Guards
H. Bell Rifles
I. Alabama Grays
K. Joe Murrell Bayonets











The Thirty-eighth was organized at Mobile in May 1862, and remained at the defences in the vicinity of that city till February 1863. It then proceeded to Tullahoma, and was there placed in the brigade of Gen. Clayton of Barbour, with the Eighteenth, Thirty-sixth, and Fifty-eighth of Alabama regiments. The regiment was first under fire with slight loss at Hoover's Gap, and lost nearly half the regiment killed and wounded at Chicamauga. At Missionary Ridge the Thirty-eighth was again hotly engaged at close quarters, and a large number were captured. It wintered at Dalton, and bore its share in the operations of the Dalton-Atlanta campaign, losing severely, particularly at Resaca and Atlanta. From Marietta to the close, Gen. Holtzclaw of Montgomery commanded the brigade. It fought around the latter city, and at Jonesboro. During the Tennessee campaign of Gen. Hood, the regiment felt the blight of the December frost at Nashville, and was in the rear of the retreat. Placed in the defences at Mobile, the regiment went through the fiery ordeal at Spanish Fort, where it again suffered severely. With the army, it was surrendered at Meridian, Mississippi, about 80 strong.

Field and Staff

Colonels - Charles T. Ketchum of Mobile; resigned. A.R. Lankford of Clarke; captured at Resaca.

Lieutenant Colonels - A.R. Lankford; promoted.

Majors - Origin S. Jewett of Clarke; killed at Chicamauga. W.J. Hearin of Clarke; captured at Mission Ridge.

Adjutants - Alfred R. Murray of Mobile; wounded at Chicamauga and Resaca.

Captains, and Counties from Which Companies Came.

Clarke - W.J. Hearin; promoted. Daniel Lee.

Wilcox - W.R. Welsh; killed at Chicamauga. G.W. Welsh.

Washington - A.G. Moore; Lieut. E.A. Holt commanded.

Clarke - G.W. Files; resigned. John J.R. Jenkins; resigned. Benj. Anderson; wounded at Mission Ridge.

Conecuh - E.W. Martin. Lieut. S.W. Landrum commanded.

Fayette - John J. Winston; resigned. Albert Embree; died in the service. W.H. Wright; wounded and captured at Mission Ridge.

Mobile - John B. Perkins; killed at Chicamauga. George H. Cleveland.

Wilcox - John A Jackson; captured at Mission Ridge; and died in prison. Robert J. Young.

Clarke - Charles E. Bussey; wounded at Chicamauga.

Mobile - Ben. Lane Posey; captured at Mission Ridge; wounded at Kennesa.


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