Forty-Third Alabama
Infantry Regiment

Gracie's Archibald) Regiment










The Forty-third was organized in May 1862 at Mobile. It was at once ordered to Chattanooga, and placed under Gen. Leadbetter. It moved into Kentucky in Gen. Kirby Smith's column, but was not actively engaged. Having passed the winter at Cumberland Gap, the regiment joined Gen. Bragg at Tullahoma being in a brigade under Gen. Grace -- the Forty-first, Forty-third, Fifty-ninth, and Sixtieth Alabama, and Stallworth's battalion. The regiment subsequently went back to east Tennessee, and operated there for some months Rejoining the main army, it passed through the iron hail of Chicamauga with very severe loss. As part of Longstreet's corps, the Forty-third was shortly after sent towards Knoxville, and took part in the investment there, with light loss. It was also in the fight at Beene's Station, but the casualties were few. Having passed through the bitter privations of the winter campaign in east Tennessee the regiment reached Gen. Beauregard at Petersburg in May 1864. When Sheridan swooped upon the outposts of Richmond, the Forty-third fought him with some loss. At the battle of Drewry's Bluff the regiment was hotly engaged, and lost severely in casualties. It was then in the trenches of Petersburg from June 1864 to the close, fighting continually and taking part in most of the battles that occurred by the attempts of the enemy to flank the confederate line. At Appomattox the Forty-third, with the other portions of the brigade, had just driven back a line of the enemy, and taken a battery, when the capitulation of the army was announced. It surrendered as part of Moody's brigade, (Col. Stansel of Pickens commanding,) Bushrod Johnson's division, Gordon's corps, and about 50 men were present for duty. Of 1123 names on the rolls of the Forty-third, about 100 were killed, about 226 died of disease, and 161 were discharged or transferred.

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