Forty-Ninth Alabama
Infantry Regiment

Hale's(Smith D.) Regiment
A Oleander Guards
C. Jackson Lions
D. DeKalb Rifles
G. DeKalb Rifles






This regiment was orgnized at Nashville, in January 1862, and attached to the Kentucky brigade of Gen. Breckinridge. It took part in the battleof Shiloh, where it lost 113 killed and wounded. A few weeks later, the Forty-ninth was sent to Vicksburg, with Breckinridge's brigade, and was engaged in the defence of the place when bombarded in 1862. Aug. 6, the regiment fought at Baton Rouge with a loss of 45 killed and wounded. Joining the army of Gen. Van Dorn, the Forty-ninth was engaged in the assault on Corinth, and suffered very severely there. Ordered to Port Hudson, the regiment passed the winter in that quarter, and was brigaded with the Twenty-seventh and Thirty-fifth Alabama, and two Mississippi regiments under Gen. Buford, who was soon succeeded by Gen. Beall. The Forty-ninth shared the dangers and hardships of the 42 days siege of Port Hudson, losing 55 men killed and wounded, and the reminder captured. Exchanged three months later, the Forty-ninth re-organized at Cahaba, and was attached to the brigade of Gen. Scott of Louisiana, with the Twelfh Louisiana, and Twenty-seventh, Thirty-fifth, Fifty-fifth, and Fifty-seventh Alabama regments. Joining the main army at Dalton, the brigade was assigned to Loring's division, Stewart's corps. Having wintered at Dalton, the Forty-ninth participated in the Dalton-Atlanta campaign, doing much arduous service, but losing inconsiderably. Around Atlanta it was again fully engaged, and suffered severely. It moved with Gen. Hood into Tennessee, and came out of the battles of Franklin, and Nashville with a long list of casualties, and captured men. Transferred to the Carolinas, the Forty-ninth took part in the operations there. Reduced to a skeleton, it was surrendered at Greensboro, N. C.

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