Fiftieth Alabama
Infantry Regiment

Coltart's (John G.) Regiment- initially numbered in error 26th Alabama
A. Calhoun Beauregards
C. Paint Rock Rifles
E. Limestone Rebels
F. Tuscaloosa Mountaineers










50th Infantry Regiment was organized at Corinth, Mississippi, in March, 1862, by consolidating the 2nd and 5th (Golladay's) Alabama Infantry Battalions which were recently recruited. Originally mustered into Confederate service as the 26th (Coltart's) Regiment, its designation was changed to 50th in June, 1863. The men were raised in the counties of Calhoun, Jackson, Lauderdale, Blount, Limestone, Walker, Fayette, and Tuscaloosa. Ordered to Tennessee the unit fought at Shiloh, saw light action in Kentucky, then was placed in Deas', G.D. Johnston's, and Brantley's Brigade, Army of Tennessee, and was active in North Carolina. At Shiloh the regiment had 440 effectives, but because of casualties, sickness, and exhaustion, the number was less than 150 by the second day. It lost 4 killed and 76 wounded at Murfreesboro, 16 killed and 81 wounded at Chickamauga, and totalled 289 men and 180 arms in December, 1863. The unit sustained 33 casualties in the Battle of Atlanta and was badly cut up at Franklin. Few surrendered in April, 1865. Its commanders were Colonel John C. Coltart, Lieutenant Colonels G.W. Arnold and William D. Chadick, and Majors T.H. Gilbert and John C. Hutto.

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