Fifty-Fifth Alabama
Infantry Regiment Volunteers

The Forgotten Regiment, Snodgrass's (John) Regiment
B. Cherokee Davis Guards
C. Oxford Rifles
D. Jackson Hornets
G. Jeff Davis Guards
K. Snodgrass Guards










This regiment was made up of Snodgrass's and Norwood's battalions, the former of six companies, the latter of five. Snodgrass's battalion was organized at Corinth, in the spring of 1862, out of companies that had been in the service a year at that time, in the organizations of other states; and they had suffered severely at Shiloh; while the battalion itself had fought at the first siege of Vicksburg, and in the battles of Baton Rouge and Corinth. Norwood's battalion was organized at Clinton, Miss., out of the five companies of Alabmians which had fought and been captured at Fort Donelson while part of Quarles' "Tennessee" regiment. Organized at Port Hudson, February 1863, with 900 veterans, the Fifty-fifth fought at Baker's Creek in Buford's brigade, Loring's division, losing considerably. It shared in the fighting at Jackson, and the subsequent operations in Mississippi. As part of Scott's brigade, the regiment was attached to the Army of Tennessee in the spring of 1864. It was much reduced by the constant fighting on the retreat from Dalton, but entered the battle of Peach-tree Creek (July 20,1864) with 22 officers and 256 men, and lost in killed and wounded 14 officers, and 155 men. After some further skirmishing, the Fifty-fifth participated in the winter campaign in Tennessee, and its lists of casualties both at Franklin and Nashville were large. Proceeding to North Carolina, the regiment, sadly reduced in strength, surrendered at Greensboro, under Col. Snodgrass.

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