Miscellaneous Commands

There were two companies of mounted Alabamians in the "Jeff Davis Legion," an organization that served in Virginia throughout the war. One of the companies was from Sumter, under Capt. Wm. M. Stone, who was promoted, and succeeded by A. K. Ramsey as captain. The other was from Marengo, Capt. Tayloe, who was succeeded by Ivey Lewis as captain.

In the regiment recruited by Col. (afterwards Gen.) Wirt Adams of Mississippi there were two Alabama companies. One was from Clarke, under Stephen B. Cleveland as captain, who was promoted, and succeeded by John Y. Kilpatrick. The other company was from Lowndes, with S. J. Fagg as captain, who resigned, and was succeeded by M. B. Bowie.

There were three or four companies from the State in Georgia and Tennessee regiments, from counties bordering on those States.

Thirty or forty men of Pelham's battery were from Talladega and Calhoun, under Lieut. Wm. McGregor of the former county.

A number of Alabamians were also in the battery of Capt. C:. B. Farrell of Georgia. They were from Chambers and Randolph, under Lieut. Nathan Davis.

There were others in the battery of Capt. S. H. Dent of Barbour, and in that of Capt. Thrall of Forrest's corps.
There were also several regiments of "reserves" or militia towards the close of the war. A detachment of them was engaged at Montevallo with Wilson, but they were mostly assembled at Mobile.

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