Fifteenth Confederate Regiment

This regiment was organized at Mobile in the spring of 1864, and made up of companies which had picketed the coast for two or three years. It remained in the vicinity of Mobile till the fall, when it moved into Louisiana, and was engaged in a brilliant affair at Tunica. The Fifteenth also made head against Smith's army, with small loss. The regiment disbanded at the downfall of the Confederacy, except two or three companies, which were paroled at Demopolis.

Field and Staff

Colonels -- Harry Maury of Mobile.

Lieut. Colonels -- Thomas J. Myers of Florida.

Majors -- Robert Partridge of Florida.

Adjutants -- Wm. R. Jordan of Florida.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Mobile -- John H. Marshall; wounded and captured at Mississippi City.

Mobile -- Wm. Cottrill; resigned. E. T. Arrington.

Mobile -- J. E. Murrell.

Baldwin -- T. C. Barlow.

Chocta -- John McKellar.

[The other five companies were from Florida.]

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