Third Confederate Regiment

This was another of Gen. Wheeler's commands, and seven of the companies were Alabamians. The regiment operated around the army of Tennessee, and was in several battles and raids, and in innumerable skirmishes. It lost severely in more than one of these fights, and its penons floated till the Confederacy was no more.

Field and Staff

Colonels -- I. B. Howard; resigned. W. N. Estes; killed near Chattanooga. P. H. Rice; wounded in Georgia.

Lieut. Colonels -- W. N. Estes; promoted. P. E. Rice of Jackson; promoted. G. C. Sandusky of Tennessee; resigned. John McCaskill of Wilcox; wounded.

Majors -- W. N. Estis; promoted. G. C. Sandusky; promoted. John McCaskill; promoted. F. M. Corn of DeKalb; resigned. F. C. Reees of Tennessee.

Adjutants -- D. C. Nicholson; transferred. N. Rothrock; killed at Murfreesboro.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

DeKalb -- F. M. Corn; promoted. J. T. Hogue.

DeKalb --..... Lynch; resigned. Henry Small.

DeKalb -- R. B. Lankford.

Wilcox -- John McCaskill; promoted. To. Robinson.

State of Georgia -- ......Pope; resigned. W. A. Williamson.

State of Georgia -- John Bates; resigned. ... Edmondson.

Jackson -- P. H. Rice; promoted. J. T. Witherspoon.

State of Tennessee -- G. C. Sandusky; promoted. W. P. Moore.

DeKalb -- Daniel Clayton; wounded.

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